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12v momentary touch switch,securit glass

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Solar Inverter Technology Transfer

Do you think our technology is Good news to Solar Inverter Production 12v momentary touch switch Plants
Wireless Touch Switch White 2 Gang 1 Way Touch Switch For LampAdvantages of Our Solar Inverter Technology:

Setup Cost and Equipments:
How to construct a Solar Inverter Production Plant at Low Cost with Our Technology

1. Inverter Card – Rs. 850
2. Solar Zero Drop Card – Rs. 400
3. Copper Transformer – Rs. 1250
4. Cabinet & Others – Rs. 600

– Above estimation is for 12V / 850VA with 30 Amps solar Charge Controller.
– Production Cost may reduce up 500/- When you go for Aluminium Transformer.

Important Precautions to be Taken to take care of this Solar Inverter:
– Mains switch needs to be kept in ON position
– Mains input should always be connected, to maintain the battery in charging condition.
– Water or some other liquids should never enter into UPS
– This system installation place should be well ventilated and it ought to be easily accessible for servicing.

Solar Inverter Technology Transfer
What is Solar Inverter Technology Transfer

All Solar inverters will run normally with a basic known technology. Usually we will get this solar inverter technology from any electronics expert. All Electronics experts build the Solar inverter technology as per your specifications and transfer the entire information to you want circuit diagrams, PCB file, Wiring layout, etc. This whole process will be called as Solar Inverter Technology Transfer.
Now with this technology information, you can begin your own Solar inverter production plant with reasonable expenditure. All you need to do is purchasing good technology from the suitable person.
Solar Inverter Technology Transfer Process

What are Lacking in Current Solar Inverters
Current Solar inverters will just work as normal inverters. Only the difference between solar inverter and normal inverters is “Normal inverters run with power backup and Solar inverters run with Solar power”.
Few solar inverters with better technology will charge the battery with power in addition to solar panels. However, there are more possibilities where battery might be over charged in such cases. Also these inverters are not smart enough to know that the battery is full and it should stop charging the battery. These sort of inverters will only work when there isn’t a power. Due to this, you can not utilize the solar power properly to chop down your power bills.
If you are interested to purchase this new solar inverter technology, send a mail to
We now have a complicated technology which is able to solve all your problems and save your power bills by 75% every month. Allow us to explain how our technology works. It’s going to automatically understand when the battery is full and then it would stop taking the ability out of your meter and it’ll start supplying the facility to your property appliances from the Solar inverter battery till the battery power involves 50%. So with this powerful technology, all your appliances will run with solar power when the power is offered too. This may reduce 75% of your monthly power bills and you can save some huge cash.
Also Solar inverters is not going to work as UPS. This can be one of many lacking think about the current scenario. Our latest solar inverter technology will work as UPS as well as inverter. With this latest technology, you won’t see any power drop in your house or office appliances.
Do you think our technology is Excellent news to Solar Inverter Production Plants

As you all know, Customers will search for more sophisticated products which can make your life better with maximum benefits and minimum budget.
Advantages of Our Solar Inverter Technology:

1. When Sun light is on the market, then it’s going to stop charging from the Mains.
2. When Sun light shouldn’t be available, then it’s going to start charging from the Mains.
3. High Voltage and Low Voltage fluctuations will likely be handled by our software.
4. Well written code on microcontroller will adjust the software values and load this system effectively.
5. Testing is required a light case 10w Solar panel, a cro (optional) and a multi meter.
6. Very clear LED Indication and LCD Display to know better concerning the charging status and appliances power consumption.
7. Very little equipment is enough for production and testing.
8. Same technology transfer can be utilized to supply Solar charge controllers.
9. Production requires only the next equipment: – Soldering Rod
– Glue Gun (cost Rs.300/- )
– Microcontroller Programmer(Cost Rs.1500/-)

10. Isolated Sensing of Mains: This may make sure that even when Phase-Neutral connection is reversed at input side there will not be any electric shock on the battery or PCB.
11. Cycle-Cycle Current Limiting: That is an enhanced protection method for the short circuits/ heavy load condition.
12. LED/LCD display: Just one 6 pin RMC connector for using LCD/LED.
13. Low Cost Driver: Low cost 6N137 driver is used.
14. Priority to Solar Charging Facility: When solar charger is connected, mains charger will go to face-by and Priority will likely be for solar charging. If once the battery gets full charge of set voltage, it changes over to UPS/INVERTER mode.
15. Four 12v momentary touch switch Stage Chargers: – Stage 1: This is constant current charger
– Stage2: On this stage, voltage of the battery is kept at the complete charge level.
– Stage 3: It’s nothing but charger off mode.
– Stage 4: This stage is float charging stage

16. Zero Drop Solar Charger: Low cost zero drop solar chargers are in various range 12V to120V and 5A to 60A which is compatible with DSP inverter design and can be utilized with other inverter design as well.
17. Automotive / Tubular Battery selection Switch
18. Inverter /UPS Selection Switch
19. Automatic Solar Detecting
20. Single Side PCB
21. Easy to Assembling and Servicing
22. DSPIC30F2010 Chip
23. Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan

Specifications of Our Solar Inverter Technology:
1. Output Waveform: Pure sine wave
2. 12v/24v/48v DC input
3. 220v-240v AC output
4. Output frequency: 50Hz
5. Rated Power: upto5KW
6. Work Efficiency: 85%-95%
7. User friendly operation
8. LCD/LED indication
9. Full power and soft start
10. High transform efficiency, fast start
11. Strong adaptability and stability
12. Safe and reliable with built-in fuse
13. Temperature controlled fan, safe & efficient
14. Low voltage protection
15. Over voltage protection
16. Over load protection
17. Short circuit protection
18. Input reverse connection protection
19. Over temperature protection

Our Solar Inverter Technology Transfer Includes –
– Circuit Diagrams
– PCB File of Inverter and Zero Drop Solar Charge Controller
– Wiring Layout and Connection Diagrams
– Transformer Data
– Inverter and Solar Charger Programming
– Assembly File
– Hex File Inverter and Solar Charge Controller
– Components List
– Manual

Now you is usually a Technology Independent manufacturer with our Solar Inverter Technology Transfer.
This inverter is best suited to manufacturing of domestic applications because it is straightforward and easy. It consists of only few components that are easily available, have only 3 SMD components that are single sided PCB. There aren’t any twists which can lead to errors reminiscent of DC-CT or EE-16 transformers. This board will likely be completed by mounting of heatsink along with MOSFET and soldering of few components. It contains LCD which displays all the parameters of the system and offers a sign about any error throughout the functioning of inverter. A 16 character single line or double line scrolling type LCD will show the status of the inverter. It’s very simple to set the values in menu driven set-up mode and is very easy to handle also.
Setup Cost and Equipments:

You need not invest more on the equipments, the fundamental test jigs, soldering irons, digital multi-meters, RPS, Glue guns and etc. that are less than Rs. 50,000/-
How to construct a Solar Inverter Production Plant at Low Cost with Our Technology

For Production of 500 Solar Inverters the price estimation is as follows:
1. Inverter Card – Rs. 850
2. Solar Zero Drop Card – Rs. 400
3. Copper Transformer – Rs. 1250
4. Cabinet & Others – Rs. 600

Total Cost – Rs. 3100/-.
– Above estimation is for 12V / 850VA with 30 Amps solar Charge Controller.
– Production Cost may reduce up 500/- Should you go for Aluminium Transformer.

12v momentary touch switch

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