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12v touch switch circuit,soft touch switches

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Tips For Choosing the right AC LED Dimmer

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 1 Gang 1 way Light Switch WifiTriac dimmers are usually used for traditional incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps, but nowadays they are compatible with AC LED lighting because of the technology advancement.

A triac AC LED dimmer adopts phase cut and reverse phase cut dimming. It is designed with AC input and output, which means it just supports AC LED lamps. Prior to using an AC LED dimmer, you may have to figure out your LED lamp type first, be sure that it is an AC input LED light. Even if it is AC type, you could have to verify it is dimmable and supports triac dimmer, for all these you can consult an expert sales person before choosing LED lights.

The holistic triac dimming system requires a dimmer and a control unit. Traditional control units are push button switch and rotary knob thanks to their reliability and stability. The control unit shall be connected to the dimmer and the dimmer shall be connected to the LED lamps. It is not quite convenient and comfortable to use those traditional control units.

The new wireless control units with radio frequency signal is a innovative solution to regulate triac dimmer. Since the triac dimmer integrates RF receiver module inside and is able to receive the RF control signal and no wiring between the dimmer and controller required. The RF signal enables more flexible and convenient control. The control range will be up to 20 meters and the controller is portable.

The controller could be designed with different operation methods including push button, rotary knob, handheld remote and full touch panel, all of which feature their own disadvantages. You may choose in accordance with your preferences.

Push button and rotary knob are the most popular ones for their reliability and stability, and they are very widely used for general illumination control. They offer both dimming and switching functions and dimming range could be from 0.1% to 100% without flickering. The wireless handheld remote is great choice that is portable or could be fixed in a bracket.

Full touch panel is a innovative design that supports full touch control for dimming and switching. The touch is sensitive and smooth and no flickering when dimming. Also your favorite brightness could be memorized and stored. If you power on next 12v touch switch circuit time, the controller will automatically restore to last brightness before power off. Another humanization function is the backlighting design with LED indicator which enables blind control at midnight.

12v touch switch circuit

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