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2120 toggle switch pulse generator,glass switch

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Things To Find out about 3way Digital Dimmers

If you wish to dim a light that is controlled by 2 switches you’ll need to decide 1 thing. Do you want to dim from both locations or just one If you wish to dim from one location you can not use a digital dimmer. A digital dimmer will only work when you have two of them in every switch location. One master and the remainder slaves.
Things to find out about 3way digital dimmers

Wireless Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Control Light Touch Switch 861) Never install a digital dimmer with the facility on. Digital dimmers have electronics in them and the 2120 toggle switch pulse generator slightest short will destroy them.
2) Most digital dimmers usually work with a control wire.
3) Your switches have 3 wires connected to them, one switch has a relentless hot and two travelers, and the opposite switch has the wire going to the light(switch leg) and the identical two travelers.
4) You’ll must identify one of the travelers. It might help if the colors were different within the box so you may visually identify the wire. If not, you will want to make use of a meter and perform a continuity test.
5) Digital dimmers have 3 screws to connect with or 3 wires. Read the instructions, the wire you found must be connected to a specific screw or wire on the switch.
6) The master switch should go within the box with the constant hot.
7) On the underside part of the face of the switch there is often shut off switch just in case the ability is on to avoid blowing up any of the circuitry.
8) Never overload the dimmer switch. Switches are available 2 common watt sizes, 600w and 1000w. All it’s a must to do is look on the bulbs in the sunshine and see what size bulbs you will have in there. Add them up and ensure the dimmer switch has a better rating than your total wattage. (ex. when you’ve got 10 recessed lights with 65w per light, 65×10=650w, you will have a 1000w dimmer.
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2120 toggle switch pulse generator

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