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Troubleshooting A Goodman Furnace Circuit Board

Wireless Touch Switch Black 2 GANG 1 WAY Remote Control Light SwitchThe circuit board on a Goodman home furnace lies on the system’s center. It performs the same functions as circuit boards in other gas furnaces, including starting the motor or closing the pressure switch whenever heat is required. Once the system ensures the operations have been safely accomplished, the circuit board allows the pilot light to ignite. Although furnaces should be installed by professionals, you’ll be able to usually troubleshoot a furnace, and its circuit board, yourself.

Things You will Need
Replacement circuit board wires
Locate the LED display panel for the furnace. This panel provides essential information. When you locate it, make sure that the green light is on to point the board is functioning and the furnace has power. Alternatively, check to make sure that the furnace is plugged in if the green light shouldn’t be on, or that a fuse shouldn’t be blown in the principle fuse box. A blown fuse shall be within the off or neutral position within the box. In such a case, turn it back to the on position.

Read the error codes on the LED display whether it is flashing. The Goodman furnace is designed to lock out the initiating process if the circuit control board encounters an error at start-up. When that occurs, the LED display begins to flash a code.

Count the variety of flashes on the display. If the furnace senses multiple problem, it would flash a code first, and then pause before flashing a second code. The flashing will continue until you reset the display. Consult your owner’s manual for the note that corresponds to the flashing error code.

Turn off the provision of power 32 amp timer switch to the furnace if the circuit board is malfunctioning. It is likely the circuit board is malfunctioning if the board appears to not have power even when the fuses and power supply are fine. The circuit board is usually located contained in the unit’s blower compartment.

Inspect the circuit board thoroughly for a blown fuse. Look through the highest of the fuse to determine whether it’s blown. If you notice that the wires are disconnected, you’ll want to replace the blown fuse. Be sure that no wires touch the circuit board frame if the fuse is blown. Replace any damaged or loose wires to keep the brand new fuse from blowing.

Tips & Warnings
The fuse on the furnace control board is roughly the identical size as a car fuse.
Contact a professional service technician if the furnace feels cold to the touch or is leaking, even when the pilot light is ignited and the motor is on.
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32 amp timer switch

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