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Brilliant Control Is A Touch-Screen Light Switch For Smart Homes

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Home automation devices are usually controlled with apps or dedicated, relatively complex controllers (or, if compatible, with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa on the Amazon Echo). I’ve become fond of Logitech POP Switches for the simplicity of controlling my smart lights like dumb lights, and now Brilliant is offering a brand new smart light switch along the same lines. The corporate announced the Brilliant Control, a sensible light switch and home automation controller with a touch screen.

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 2 Gang 1 WAY Glass SwitchesThe Brilliant Control is a control panel designed to replace a wall-mounted light switch. It is equipped with a 5-inch 720-by-1,280 LCD touch screen and offers direct control of wired devices through its in-wall connections. Once the Brilliant Control is installed, the touch screen could be tapped to toggle connected lights on and off, or swiped up and down to regulate their brightness. Touch-screen controls for home automation are nothing new, but they’ve generally been limited to expensive custom installations, while the Brilliant Control might be easily installed like a light switch or smart thermostat (and it also can control smart thermostats).

Besides direct, wired control, the Brilliant Control supports home automation and smart lighting standards over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The panel is compatible with Samsung SmartThings and Wink hubs, and even works with IFTTT recipes. It also offers access to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant for both voice control of connected devices and the wide selection of data and entertainment services Alexa provides.

While it’s primarily being presented as a smart light switch and general home automation controller, the Brilliant Control also provides security functionality. It is compatible with multiple home security systems and security cameras, and it even features a video camera with physical privacy cover for use with video doorbells.

The Brilliant Control is currently available for preorder, and the ultimate version of the panel is planned to ship late Sumemr 2017. The retail price of the Brilliant Control is $199, with the primary thousand preorders getting the promotional price of $149. A larger Brilliant Control with three separate touch sensors for multiple light control can be planned, though pricing has not been announced.

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