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Xbox 360, 3 Red Lights

Here’s, this is a teaser. If your Xbox 360 has stopped working and you aren’t getting a video display, then how can you tell what the failure is Well, those clever guys (and girls) at Microsoft have considered this very ‘chicken and egg’ problem and give you a suitably clever solution.

Wireless White 1 Gang 1 Way Touch On Off Switch For Lamps 86The Xbox 360 is a marvel of modern design however it does suffer from a couple of well documented problems. The sleek case is not likely built to cope with the big amounts of heat produced when the console is running and the Xbox 360 has no active cooling system. These two factors can only amount to at least one thing – the Xbox 360 is susceptible to overheating and all of the issues that brings. One nice little bit of design that Microsoft did build into the Xbox 360 chamberlain remote light switch however, was the famous ‘ring of light’. If your Xbox 360 has never failed, then you will only ever have seen the ring of light display green, and you probably just thought that it was a fancy power light. But do you know that this clever piece of design also turns red when the console has a problem and the key of the failure is encoded into the sequence red lights that it displays.

Most of us have probably heard concerning the Xbox 360 3 red lights error. That is the commonest error and is attributable to overheating. There are numerous good guides available from the internet that tell you the way to fix the Xbox 360 3 red lights error so i wont cover that here. What’s less well-known is that the ring of light can even help us pinpoint the actual fault and so help us to apply the proper fix, or know when to get it repaired professionally.

To get the error code you first have to change your Xbox 360 on – that is sensible – and look ahead to the Xbox 360 3 red lights to show. You then press and hold the Sync up button, its a small white button on the front of the case, and press the eject button on the DVD drive. The segments on the ring of light will now begin to flash the error code, one digit at a time as you press the eject button. Press it four times to get the whole code.

chamberlain remote light switch

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