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How Do I Install Under Cabinet Lighting

Wireless Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Control Light Touch Switch 86Have you ever asked yourself “How do I install under cabinet lighting ” It’s a lot easier than you might think. Just take a visit to a home improvement store and you will find a plethora of under cabinet lighting options. Under cabinet lights have come a great distance from the hardwired custom built units of a few years ago. Today you’ll find small compact xenon lights that just tack into place and plug right into a wall outlet.

The good thing in regards to the under cabinet lighting kits is you’ll be able to fit kits to expand the variety of lights on a circuit to suit any sized cabinet. All you need to do is add more lights to the string. For the reason that xenon lights are low voltage you will run out of cabinet before you reach the electrical capacity of the wall socket.

Measure out what number of lights you need. You wish to shoot for about a 2 foot space between lights.
Next measure the depth of the cabinets as it would be best to center the lights.

To maintain the lights from wandering throughout the install use a straight edge and mark the centerline of the cabinet with a pencil. At the identical time you possibly can mark out exactly where the lights will likely be placed.

Grab a hammer and some nails. Make certain you are using a nail that will not poke through into the cabinet. Just a few taps of the hammer is all it takes and your lighting bases are up very quickly.

Now it is time to run the wire between the lights. A few of the simpler kits will let you just run the cable between each light in series. They have a small blade in-built that may cut into the wire completing the circuit.

After the last light continue running the cable back to the wall socket. Use a staple gun to tack up the cable and prevent drooping.

You wish to staple the cable as far back towards the wall as possible so you might have a pleasant clean line running right down to the outlet.

Now it is time to make up the electrical plug. Wire up the recent, neutral, and ground wires then screw the plug together.

Now you’ll be able to return and snap in the sunshine covers on all of the lights.
Next install the xenon bulbs. Watch out to not touch the bulbs together with your bare hands. Your skin oil can damage the bulbs. Use a paper towel instead when holding the bulb.

Now place the lens cover over the lights.
Staple up any of the wires that are sagging, you’re shooting for nice clean lines that are not visible when looking directly on the cabinet.

Plug within the lights and activate the switch. Hopefully everything turns on! If not check each bulb for correct seating.

All that is left is clean up of any construction trash and to place up your tools.
When asking “How do I install under cabinet lighting ” Just keep just a few things in mind. The kits are easy to make use of. They include great direction and once finished you may have an incredible set of lights that will set off any counter top.

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