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The following Generation Technology Of Privacy Glass

Advancements in technology are everywhere today. These advancements in technology have result in a breakthrough in home and office design. This new technology is popularly generally known as “electronically switchable glass”. These electronically switchable glasses are widely used today in hospitality, healthcare, transport and security, industrial and exclusive residential sectors. With the nice benefits and very reasonable pricing of those electronically switchable glasses, they are becoming extremely popular word wide. However, glasses with this cutting edge technology are available only with a few glass manufacturers. Just keep reading on the article to know more about this next generation technology

The main feature
Wireless Black 1 Gang 1 Way Touch Lamp Control Switch 86One of the noticeable features of the electronically switchable glass is the nice privacy offered by them. Due to this feature, the electronically switchable glass is commonly referred as “Privacy glass”. Unlike other glass types offering privacy which provides complete privacy, this technology involved in privacy glass makes it possible to turn back the privacy glass to clear type from opaque. The basic concept of the privacy glass is to create privacy on demand. To the added doorbell button battery advantage, the privacy glass also blocks the harmful UV rays from entering the rooms.

The fundamental principle of Privacy glass
The privacy glass makes use of the next generation technology which involves the use of liquid crystal molecules. The liquid crystal molecules are widely used to control light. The principle of light control with liquid crystal molecules is used in the manufacture of privacy glass. You will be well aware of the truth that the liquid crystals have the tendency to get aligned when there is a supply of electric current. Once the liquid crystals get aligned, the privacy glass becomes clear by allowing light to pass through it. When the electric supply is cutoff, the liquid crystals will probably be scattered and the privacy glass becomes opaque. This smart technology makes privacy available through the privacy doors at the flick of a button.

Great Looks of the privacy glass
The privacy glass is aesthetically pleasing too. This architectural glass can be used for interior design. According to professional interior designers, the architectural glass is a wise investment as it is highly durable and requires only less maintenance. Moreover, the architectural glass consumes only less power to operate. The high contrast of the architectural makes it an incredible addition to the office rooms as they can be effectively used as rear projection screens. According to various surveys, the nice looks of the architectural glass greatly increases the value of homes.

Convenience and Privacy at your fingertips
Various sorts of controls like Wall switch, Remote control, Movement sensor, Timer and Door lock are used for controlling the privacy glass. This next generation technology can be a breakthrough in home and office design, which brings convenience, security and privacy at your fingertips. The privacy architecture glass is no doubt a valuable investment for your office/home

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