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What Causes The Ps3 Yellow Light Of Death

White 1 Gang 1 Way Finger Touch Light Switch WirelessThe following scenario is just not uncommon for PS3 users: You are watching the latest Blu-ray or playing your favourite game and unexpectedly your screen switches of, your console system starts to beep and your console’s red light starts to blink.

Your attempt to start out up the system again has no success, at first you see the green light as everything was normal, but it turns yellow, then red and your console starts to beep again. This error is usually generally known as PS3 yellow light of death, also known as YLoD. The YLoD is the greatest fear of most PS3 users.

The PS3 yellow light of death is an indication for a failure of the hardware. The hardware failure can be attributable to different factors comparable to heating and cooling element that bring about hardware malfunction or one of the capacitors or diode in the power supply has failed. However, this can also be brought on by overheating of the console, a severe error of the hard disk or a malfunction of the Blu-ray drive.

The PS3 yellow light of death comes about as soon as you switch on the system and it starts up normally for several moments after which instead of booting, it starts off beeping 3 times while showing a faint yellow light, which subsequently becomes a red light.

It is hard to repair the PS3 yellow light of death and there are only three options available. Ensuring that your cable connections and the power supply are correctly connected is your primary option. You may also opt to take it to Sony for repair. But this is simply a great option for those whose console is still under warranty because otherwise you have to pay $150 for the repairs. The third and last option you can choose is to either look for a third party repairer or fix your console yourself.

One of the best option, of course, is to make sure that the PS3 yellow light of death would not occur in the first place. It is essential that you operate the system in cool places as well as to give it enough time to cool between playing sessions to prevent overheating. Besides that, additionally it is important to keep the console dust free all the time and to make sure that all cable connections are in place.
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If your PS3 already suffers from a yellow light of death and you decided to repair your console yourself, visit for a review of a do-it-yourself PS3 YLoD fix.

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