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Find out how to Wire A 3 Way Switch – Wiring Diagram

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But are you sure that somebody previously hasn’t used what was a traveler to power something else? An outlet or something?”

I do not believe so. Here is what I am sure of…

Wireless Touch Switch White 2 Gang 1 Way Touch Switch For Lamp1…I have WOODEN studs and PLASTIC boxes.

2…In the bedroom 2 gang switch box, one of the romex neutrals was disconnected from the opposite three romex neutrals, with a chunk of electrical tape covering the bare end.

3…Within the hallway 2 gang switch box, two of the neutrals had white masking tape on them to mark them (I since replaced with white electrical tape). The opposite two neutrals did not have any marker tape.

4…I do know that these two switches are a three pole connection, but BOTH switches as I found them were ONE pole switches for some reason. WHY WOULD SOMEBODY REPLACE 3 POLE SWITCHES WITH ONE POLE SWITCHES? I since replaced the hallway one pole with a brand new 3 pole, and intend to do likewise within the bedroom.

5…An inherited renter who said he was an electrician lived in the unit in 2000(I acquired the condo in 2000, and rented it out until 2014, after i moved in). He said he installed the track lighting within the living room (different circuit) which was different from the lighting fixture that was installed once i lived in that unit before from 1985 to 1987. I believe he may have fiddled around with the 3 pole connection for some reason. Anyway, that track lighting “blew up” in 2013 when my sister was renting the unit from me, in accordance with my sister (I now live in the unit as owner-occupier).

6…Two outlets in the living room are part of the identical circuit as all the bedroom outlets. Is that unusual?

7…One of the bedroom 2 gang box romexes is a 14-3, but it is used to power a switch controlled outlet within the bedroom, which is original construction.

8…When i lived there before, I had no electrical problems of any kind. Since I moved within the unit in 2014, not only does the three pole connection not work right, however the 2 gang box within the living room has a foul on/off switch and/or bad dimmer switch that used to regulate the track lighting that “blew up” (since replaced with a pull chain ceiling fan two years ago that has always worked fine), I replaced All of the outlets (some were loose), and i had the defectively designed” PFE stab-lok”(which I still have and wish to get tested, but where? Certainly not UL!) panel box replaced in 2015. I also connected the grounds within the 2 gang boxes in the bathroom and the hallway (the bedroom is next).

9…All four black hot wires are pigtailed together in the bedroom 2 gang box, with black wire spurs connected to the switches. Is that kosher?

10…All four ground wires in the hallway 2 gang box are now connected together. But I originally found them with one connected to just one other (times 2). All four ground wires in the bedroom 2 gang box are properly connected together, however the swit;ches are usually not grounded (which I intend to correct shortly)

11…The one traveler that is hooked up within the bedroom 2 gang box is a black spur that’s hooked as much as all four romex black wires (see #9). Therefore, if I hook up one of the 4 romex neutrals to it, I will have to relabel it with black electrical tape to signify that it’s now hot. But first, I should do a continuity test to find out the other end of that very same wire at the other (hallway) 2 gang switch. For you’ve gotten said that a traveler wire MUST connect DIRECTLY from one 3 pole switch to the other 3 pole switch (but splicing broken connections in between OK). But I believe you said that On no account, to attach traveler spurs INDIRECTLY to all four white neutrals, or black hots which might be pigtailed together contained in the box, if I understand you correctly.

Anyway, I hope this helps you to help me with my situation. I thank you very much for what you’ve got told me so far.

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