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gsm remote control switch,3 gang touch switch for lamp

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Touch Sensor Circuits & Technologies

The various kinds of touch sensor.
Wireless Black 3 Gang 1 Way Wall Touch Switch For Light 86– Capacitive

– Resistive “4 wire/ 5 wire/ 8 wire”
– S.A.W “surface acoustic wave”, Acoustic

– InfraRed
– Camera

Capacitive type are normally used in a simpler button switch interface, which are commonly available on portable gadgets like mouse, ipod, and the On/Off switch on your LCD monitor. This method gsm remote control switch senses the changed of capacitance when the user are available close contact on the switch plate surface.

Capacitive touch sensor could be implemented gsm remote control switch using microcontroller with simple interfacing component. You could prefer to confer with Microchip or Texas Instruments website for implementing touch sensing using a microcontroller, mTouch.

PDF Article: Layout and Physical Design Guidelines for Capacitive Sensing
PDF Article: Software Handling for Capacitive Sensing

PDF Article: Capacitive Multibutton Configurations
PDF Article: PCB-Based Capacitive Touch Sensing With MSP430

Fortunately there are already integrated hardware solution in the type of IC chip, making it easier to integrate touch sensing into your gadget. On the left are some references for the assorted source of IC chip.

gsm remote control switch

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