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indoor wall switch timer,glass light switches

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Hydroponic Light Systems

Gold 1 Gang 1 Way Wall Touch Switch WirelessA hydroponic light system is capable of replacing sun light in any enclosed area. With sufficient light, you can convert any room, home or garage area into a completely blooming budding garden for your plants. It’s one of the economical ways of providing light for indoor gardens. Before your purchase, consider the quantity of area to be covered, color spectrum of light needed and light intensity for the plants. Have a look at the different lighting system, components and accessories available with us. Click here to flick thru our hydroponic light systems or call us toll free at 1-877-774-9376 Sunlight Supply Light System Sunlight Supply provides flexible systems and top quality light products, in addition to an entire solution for horticultural lighting needs. Light Movers Light movers are designed to utilize higher light intensity by increasing the light coverage area. They are cost-effective they usually come in linear and circular types to allow all plants to get a uniform amount of light exposure. Fluorescent Fixtures These high output compact fluorescent fixtures are used to contain the electric components of your hydroponic lighting system. In-line Integrated Timer The timer can be used with Sun System I and VI ballasts that have the voltage selector switch and a detachable power cord. 20 amp rating pull up triggers for easy setting of ON/OFF timer 8 feet grounded power cord included with the pack Sun Lift Light Suspension System The Sun Lift is a reflector suspension system has a tension adjustable light hanger and may be very easy to use. Once set, the tension mechanism keeps the hood in one place The support strings pull out and retract easily One pair of Sun lifts a support up to 22 lbs. Light Meter A digital light meter is useful for accurate measurement of light received by plants. It is portable and easy-to-use. Reflectors & Options Reflectors assist you benefit from the light from your grow-lamp by increasing light intensity and optimizing the quantity of light to your plants. We’ve got a variety of reflectors, specifically designed for horticultural use in indoor surroundings. Mylar With a 98% reflective property, Mylar effectively reflects light back to your plants. You need to use 1 mil thickness if you end up covering surfaces that are light in color. To cover darker walls and surfaces, 2 mil thickness is recommended. Bulbs Find a wide range of bulbs like high pressure sodium bulbs, agro bulbs, metal and super halide bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, spectrum bulbs, HPS-MH conversion bulbs, MH-HPS Spectrum bulbs and enhanced spectrum MH bulbs. Light Hanger The light Hanger makes it easy for gardeners to raise and lower their lights to provide plants appropriate light coverage. You just need to mount the unit with its hardware, attach the light and pull the cords to move the light up and down. Jack Chain 14 Per Foot Jack chains are used for hanging light fixtures. Please call us on our toll free number at (1-877-774-9376)77HYDRO for availability and shipping quote. Concerning the Author
77hydro I am writing article for, established in 1999 our goal indoor wall switch timer was to provide customers with unmatched service and support for their indoor gardening needs.

indoor wall switch timer

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