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Energy Saving Light Bulbs – 7 Tricks to Get More Out Of Them

Energy saving light bulbs, especially compact intermatic digital timer switch fluorescent lights, or CFLs, can prevent significant amounts of energy and money in your monthly utility bills. In this article I’m going to cover seven ways in which you will get much more out of your energy efficient light bulbs.

1. While you replace burned-out energy saving light bulbs, hold them by the bottom, not the glass tubing, or the bulb may break in your hands.

2. Don’t turn the lights on and off too quickly. You’ll maximize the lifetime, electricity savings and lighting efficiency of your CFLs if you retain them on for quarter-hour or more at a time. Therefore, it’s best not to make use of these bulbs in places like closets or garages where you’ll be switching lights on and off in a brief time period.

3. Only use three-way energy saving CFL bulbs in three-way light sockets.
Wireless White 1 Gang 1 Way Touch On Off Switch For Lamps 864. Only use energy saving light bulbs clearly labeled as dimmable in light fixtures which have dimmer switches. Not only will a standard CFL bulb not dim, but it might burn out your switch or cause a hearth.

5. Keep in mind that the majority electronic controls, resembling photocells, motion sensors, and electric timers, will not be designed to work with CFLs. Check with the manufacturer of the control to make sure proper compatibility.

6. Energy saving light bulbs might be very sensitive to extreme heat and cold. Most indoor CFL bulbs are designed to work in open light fixtures. Using CFLs in enclosed fixtures without proper ventilation creates an over-heated environment that’s bad for the electronics contained in the bulb, and shortens their overall lifetime.

At the identical time, these bulbs take longer to warm up in very cold temperatures, they usually won’t shine at full brightness for several minutes. The packaging should provde the bulb’s optimal operating temperatures.

7. Protect your energy saving light bulbs from the elements outdoors by only using them in enclosed fixtures. You never wish to expose CFLs to the wind or rain, unless they’re specifically rated for wet locations.

The following tips will make it easier to get probably the most out of your energy saving light bulbs by maximizing your overall savings in energy and money, while maintaining the best quality of light from each or your light fixtures. It can save you money and help the environment at the same time with energy saving light bulbs. It ought to be a straightforward decision on intermatic digital timer switch what you decide to do.

Paul Counts is an Internet product expert and recommends you consider the Energy Efficient Light Bulb Buyer’s Guide so you can get the proper energy efficient light bulbs to save you more cash.

intermatic digital timer switch

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