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Understanding Your Circuit Breakers

One of the most common electrical troubles that you will run into is going to be a tripped circuit breaker of a blown fuse.

Wireless Touch Switch White 1 Gang 1 way Touch Panel SwitchIt is best to know where your circuit breakers or fuse box are located well in advance and become some what accustomed to it.

Don’t wait till you have no lights and then run across the house in dismay or panic not knowing what to do. More often than not for those who loose lights or power in one of the rooms of your own home you will just should re-set your circuit breaker or change your fuse.

Inside your circuit breaker box you will see a bunch of black items that appear like switches that move left to right or side to side. When a breaker is tripped it is best to see a red indicator on the left side of the breaker switch itself. Most breaker switches are designed this manner, although I’ve seen some that do not show this and the only way you’ll know that it is tripped is by re-setting the breaker.

Re-setting the breaker is solely done by switching from left to right, you’ll hear a distinct click as you do this, that’s the purpose of re-setting.

There are many reasons that a circuit breaker will trip but, the most common of them will be overloading a circuit. What I mean by this is you are attempting to run too many things on one circuit. How many times have you plugged in your hair dryer and lost power to the bathroom Most likely you could have had a curling iron plugged in at the same time. Both of these small appliances are high wattage items and most likely cannot be run at the same time. Another example could be the coffee maker and the microwave in the kitchen.

As you get familiar with your circuit breakers you should label them so you already know what each one is for hopefully this will probably be already done for you, but if not this is easy to do. You can do this with a helper and the simplest way is to turn on a light in the room that you are trying to identify. Then start switching the breakers to the off state. When the light in that specific room goes out then you know you might have found the right breaker for that room.

Usually on the door of the breaker box there should be an area where you may write on so you can identify each breaker, if not be creative and draw yourself a diagram which you or anyone in the household can understand. The following pointers should aid you when the lights go out the next time, and also you wont have to panic while trying to intermediate rotary switch figure things out

intermediate rotary switch

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