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intermediate switch as 1 way,wireless control lampl switch

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Wireless Lighting Control With LED Light APP

LED lighting and wireless control for home illumination are popular trends nowadays. Flexible and straightforward remote switch and dimming from anywhere of your house is possible with an IOS or Android smart phone or mobile device. The only thing it’s a must to do is download a free LED light APP from APP store or Google play.

Wireless Black 2 Gang 1 Way Touch Switch Touch Panel Switch 86When incandescent bulbs was invented by Thomas Edison, no one would imagine that lighting control may be so smart today because of technology development. WiFi LED controller is so smart that intermediate switch as 1 way it may possibly become a milestone within the history of intelligent lighting control. Maybe you possibly can never imagine to regulate home illumination from outside of your home, and let you home lighting automatically dim to a brightness level without using your hand.

To make use of a WiFi LED controller, it’s a must to first replace your traditional LED dimmers with WiFi dimmer switch which implies a dimmer with WiFi signal receiver integrated in order that it could actually receives the signal. Second it’s important to download a LED light APP compatible with the WiFi dimmer in your smart phone. Then you must pair the dimmer switch with the smart phone so that it might receive the WiFi signal. The dimmer switch will convert the WiFi signal to dimming signal corresponding to PWM or phase-cut.

Another great feature of WiFi LED controller is that the dimmer switch may be configured to connect with your private home network, which enables cloud control from internet when you’re far away from your home.

With WiFi dimmer switch, you possibly can really achieve home lighting automation from APP interface. You possibly can set up as many rooms as you want to manage them separately. And arrange events for various rooms at different times with different dynamic or static lighting effects for your home. The events shall be triggered automatically at the time set. For instance, you may arrange a brightness level for dinning room at dinner time, then when you might have dinner, the brightness level will automatically change to the set level. Or you may arrange a dynamic color changing mode for a party in Sunday, it’s just so simple.

intermediate switch as 1 way

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