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intermediate switch circuit diagram,white 3 gang touch switch

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wireless control lampl switch, intermediate switch circuit diagram,Replace your existing light switch with this modern and stylish glass touch switch.,

To connect To attach A mixture Switch And Tamper-Resistant Outlet

Wireless White 2 Gang 1 Way Light Switch Touch ScreenShould you need both a tamper-resistant outlet and a switch in one space, you can install a combination device that will fit each of these in a space that may normally house a single outlet. The basic idea behind these devices is that a single wire carries power to both of the devices, which allows for constant power at the outlet and the flexibility to change attached lights or other devices on or off.

Things You will Need
Wire cutters
1 foot of 14-2 wire
Switch/tamper-resistant outlet device
Outlet wall plate

Be certain intermediate switch circuit diagram that power is disconnected at the breaker panel before beginning work on any wires.
Identify the wires present in the box. There must be at the least one line carrying power (but possibly more) and a wire that goes to the device to be controlled by the switch.

Examine the back of the switch and tamper-resistant outlet combination device to locate where the wires should attach. Usually, one side should have silver screws, and one side should have gold screws. There should also be a small metal tab between the two gold screws.

Isolate the bottom wires. Tightly twist and crimp them together. Cut off all of the long ends except one. Twist this around the green screw on the device. Tighten the screw completely.

Strip the black “hot” wire back about 1/2 inch. If in case you have multiple wires carrying power, you will need to strip back the black wire of the spare 14-2 and twist it to the facility wires under a wire nut so that you have a single power wire to connect to the device.

Strip the white neutral wires back 1/2 inch. You will need to strip back the white wire from the spare piece of 14-2 and attach it to the other neutrals under a wire nut so you are left with a single neutral wire.

Attach the hot and neutral wires to the tamper-resistant outlet half of the device. Twist the new wire around the gold screw and the neutral around the silver screw. Tighten both screws completely. You should also tighten the second gold screw completely.

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Strip the black wire leading to the light 1/2 inch. Twist intermediate switch circuit diagram this around the silver screw on the switch half of the device. Tighten the screw.

Fold the wires into the box behind the device, being careful not to let any bare wires touch one another. Screw the device into the box and canopy it with a normal outlet faceplate.

Tips & Warnings
Be certain that all screws are tightened completely.
Call a qualified electrician if you are still unsure of what to do.
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intermediate switch circuit diagram

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