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Auto Night Lamp Using High Power LED

Auto Night Lamp Using High Power LEDs is a circuit which turns ON the LED lights interfaced to it at night time and it turns OFF the lights automatically when it’s day. Usage of LEDs is growing day by day as a result of advantages they supply compared to the conventional filament bulbs or fluorescent lamps. They provide good quality of white light with a better intensity compared to others. They also consume less power in comparison with their alternatives. These are the advantages which the LEDs encourage us to use them in comparison with their alternatives.In this article, we shall see the circuit and the working of turning on or off of high power LEDs with light intensity. The element which is used for sensing light in the circuit is the sunshine dependent resistor. The resistance of the sunshine dependent resistor is dependent upon the sunshine incident on it. If the intensity of light incident on it’s more, then the resistance of the circuit decreases. If the intensity of light incident on it decreases, then the resistance of the device increases. We are making use of this property of the light dependent resistor to detect the light and thereby operate the LEDs. We’re arranging twenty five light emitting diodes in an array such that five LEDs are in series and five such series LEDs are arranged in parallel.
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Circuit Diagram of Auto Intensity Control of LED Lights:

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