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intermediate switch price in sri lanka,low voltage touch switch

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3 way touch lamp switch, intermediate switch price in sri lanka,at cheap price and excellent crafts. Buy more save more!,

Make The Remote Control Switch “Cadillac”

Cadillac sedan has long been recognized as leaders in the complete interpretation of the spirit and magnificence of the U.S. luxury car model, interpretation of taking those noble, calm, bold and power, but additionally to make Cadillac right into a trust was an emblem of power and wealth, It has been a national political leaders and the Chinese were the primary choice for the family car out of one of many important places. Cadillac fusion of the centuries-old designer of the essence and wisdom of generations of wisdom, a leading brand within the automotive industry.

Kaidi good brand is born from Zhongshan Xi Cheng Electronics Co., Ltd. General Manager Yang Zongrui on Cadillac’s respected, he was naming his remote this Switch Products, but in addition hope that it’s distinguished as the Cadillac as synonymous with luxury.

Cheng Xi company to “international thinking, the implementation of localization” as the policy, planning big brand blueprint.

Promising products Zhongshan Xi Cheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and has advanced production equipment, professional technical team, the complete implementation of ISO9001 international quality management certification system, for a few years in the digital remote control switch, disconnect switches, intelligent LED Controllers and other fields have achieved encouraging results, the Candy good, Hastert and other products in the market have a certain reputation, but also exported to the Middle East, Europe and the United States than a dozen countries and regions.

Is a wireless remote control switch remote control home remote centralized or decentralized control lighting, appliances, curtains, ideal switches, intelligent product belongs to the family, including two remote control and switch products; in home lighting, home intelligent areas (including remote control light switch, remote electrical switch, remote control doorbell, remote control switch curtains, etc.) and industry (including remote access, remote control lift, remote control motor, etc.) with a wide range of uses. It will possibly directly replace conventional wall switch, don’t transform lines, installation, wiring is fully per the existing mechanical switches, configuration could be very flexible, local configuration, but in addition a full set of room configurations. It’s manual, remote control also has retained using all existing mechanical switches used; remote direction is restricted, at home, any location, you can give attention to whole-room remote control lighting and appliances, from the direction of the wall and other factors, for a variety of type of lighting load (all sorts of fluorescent lamp, Energy Saving Lamp , Incandescent Etc.) and appliances (fans, etc.). It controls the range, might be controlled within the scope of 50-100 meters, lamps and electrical appliances, switching frequency of up to 100 million. It might set the light timer switch, so there’s the role of security delays.

This product for home, factories, warehouses, offices and other places, is the perfect control switch, lift switch lights the traditional inconvenience and trouble, safety, convenience; non-contact electronic switch, doesn’t produce sparks, combustible gas particularly safe place to make use of.

Black 1 Gang 1 Way Wireless Touch Screen Light Switch 86Because of this remote control switch to overcome the fixed switches in their daily lives and work in a whole lot of inconvenience to people living and working in the home gained more freedom and security, and its price is extremely popular, in the very near future There may be other wireless remote control device, such because the rapid spread to the homes of ordinary people, so the products available in the market prospect is extremely significant.

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Highlights of this ever-changing light
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intermediate switch price in sri lanka

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