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leviton timer switch 3 way,touch switch circuit diagram

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Touch Dimmer Switches Enable Flexible Lighting Control

Touch dimmer switch is now highly regarded for home lighting control as a result of its user-friendly interface and simple operations by leviton timer switch 3 way full touch. It is kind of easy to make use of with amazing functions equivalent to switching on/off, brightness adjustment and separate or synchronous dimming and switching of multiple zones.

Wireless Black 1 Gang 1 Way Touch Lamp Control Switch 86A touch dimmer always comes with a user-friendly interface and is simple to operate. All operations are done by simple finger touch. The icons on the glass touch interface clearly indicate the function and are easy to know. It is designed with ultra sensitive glass touch panel which allows accurate and fast brightness adjustment. The switching on/off and dimming operation might be quite smooth with none flickering.

If the touch dimmer switch is designed with multiple zone control function, it may possibly control all these zones separately or synchronously without any confusions. As an illustration you may control the sitting room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom together or independently. The control distance varies depending on the receiver you choose. In the event you choose a wireless receiver, the control distance might be up to 30 meters. In case you choose a receiver which have wiring with the touch dimmer, for example, DMX decoder, 0-10V receiver or DALI decoder, the control distance might be further.

Not only mono chrome touch dimmer is offered, but in addition dual color (warm white and cold white) one and RGB/RGB(W) one are available. For mono chrome lamps, it offers basic switch and dimming functions and enables multiple zone control meaning one controller can control many receivers. For dual color lights, it offers color temperature adjustment and brightness adjustment of every channel functions by touch operations. For RGB or RGB(W) lamps, it allows RGB color tone adjustment and dynamic changing pattern control besides dimming and switching.

The receivers shall have the same control interface because the dimmer switch. If the switch is a RF wireless controller, the receiver shall be designed with RF control interface that receives RF signal. If the switch is a controller that sends out digital control signal akin to DALI and DMX, the receiver shall be designed with DMX or DALI control interface to receive the signal. For RF, you must pair the dimmer and receiver. For DMX, 0-10V or DALI, just wiring is enough. When you choose the proper dimmer and receiver as per your preference, you possibly can begin to benefit from the convenience and suppleness of a touch dimmer switch.

leviton timer switch 3 way

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