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light switch gets hot,touch wall switch

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Find out how to Dim Halogen Lights

Wireless Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Control Light Touch Switch 86A halogen light is a high-intensity incandescent bulb that acts very like an ordinary incandescent fixture. As a consequence of the character of incandescent lighting, increasing, or decreasing the voltage delivered to the light causes it to grow brighter or dimmer. This is done through the use of rheostat dimmer switches that increase and decrease the flow of current. You’ll be able to install a dimmer switch rather than a standard switch on circuits containing halogen lights to create this effect.

Things You’ll Need
Dimmer switch
Electrical tape
Wire nuts
Locate and turn off the breaker servicing the circuit your halogen lighting is on. Turn the switch on and check the light to verify you have got turned off the proper breaker and no current is flowing. If the sunshine comes on, try another breaker until you find the breaker that disconnects it so that the light goes off.

Remove the switch cover from the light switch with a screwdriver. Remove the two mounting screws holding the switch to its junction box and pull it from the wall. Use the screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the wires to the switch and pull them loose. Since you are not rewiring the light itself, the remaining wires within the junction box can stay as they are.

Replace the standard switch with a single pole dimmer. Either sliding dimmers, or twist dimmers will work. Attach the black wire coming from the breaker box to the highest black wire lead from the switch. Attach the black wire from the sunshine fixture to the bottom black wire lead of the switch in light switch gets hot the same way. Fit each pair of wires with a wire nut and twist it clockwise to snug it in place. Wrap the wire nuts with electrical tape for extra security.

Fit the dimmer switch into the junction box and install the mounting screws with a screwdriver. Remove the knob or slider from the switch by pulling out on it until it pops free. Fit the faceplate over the switch and install the mounting screws. Press the slider or knob back into place on the switch.

Restore the power and test your new dimmer.
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light switch gets hot

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