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light switch stickers,light switch controlled by wifi

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Big Switch Networks, Inc

Wireless Touch Switch Black 1 Gang 1 way Light SwitchSwitch Light™ is a Linux-based, thin switching software solution, providing consistent data plane programming abstractions across merchant silicon-based physical switches (white-box or brite-box) and hypervisor vSwitches.

Switch Light is a key enabling technology for Big Switch Networks’ centralized SDN applications, and comes in two flavors:

Switch Light OS: a whole SDN operating system based on Open Network Linux (ONL), an open source effort throughout the Open Compute Project.
Switch Light VX: a user space software agent for KVM-based virtual switches that adds advanced functionality and improved performance on top of the Open vSwitch kernel.

Together, the Switch Light OS and Switch Light VX enable next generation networking light switch stickers fabrics. Along side a centralized SDN controller, Switch Light enables dramatic reductions in the cost of your network operations and eliminates time-consuming, manual procedures by enabling central provisioning, automation and troubleshooting of both switching platforms and service definitions. Switch Light OS or Switch Light VX can be found only as a part the large Switch Network product portfolio including Big Cloud Fabric and Big Monitoring Fabric.

Based on Open Network Linux (ONL)
Switch Light OS is the commercial SDN switching software from Big Switch Networks. It builds light switch stickers upon the Open Network Linux distribution available within the Open Compute Project.

Designed For Migration to SDN
By leveraging the industry standard Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) and ONL, and a hardware compatibility list shared across the white box switching ecosystem, Switch Light is designed with migration in mind. On startup, a user can opt in addition up either the Switch Light OS, traditional networking OSs from other vendors or a hardware diagnostic OS. There are no hardware or cabling changes required to go between controller-based and traditional box-by-box networking designs — a simple, low-risk migration path to SDN.

light switch stickers

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