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Find out about Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers

Wireless White 3 Gang 1 Way Touch Control Light SwitchIonic Breeze Air Purifiers are unique because they don’t need a filter or fan. The technology used is called ionizer and uses charged particles to remove pollutants from the air. The ionizer technology creates air flow via charged particles from the difference in pressure created. As pollen, dust or other particles are forced through the unit, the charged plates attract the particles and remove them from the air. In the course of the ionizer process an air stream is created between the two plates.

Breeze air purifiers are capable of work without making any sound at all. Other air purifiers could make so much sound that they’re unusable in a working environment. You will still need to scrub an ionic purifier and we recommend you give it a clean with a cloth every 10 days.

The opposite benefit of the ionic breeze air purifier light switch unity is that because it contains no fan or filter, the unit may be much smaller than alternative models. As the breeze units are sometimes small in size, its recommended that you need to clean these units a minimum of once per week to keep efficient purification.

This can be a 5 step guide to keeping your ionic air purifier at full efficiency:
1. Make sure that you don’t use your Ionic Breeze near any fireplaces as the dust and soot will quickly clog the machine.

2. If you hear static noise from the unit then it means it is advisable to too clean it out.
3. Any indication of a red light will mean that the unit needs a clean. Once the red light is on, the ionic purifier will automatically switch off.

4. Try to always keep your ionic purifier plugged into only one power outlet. Try to not share an outlet with other electrical appliances.

5. Do not leave your breeze purifier near gadgets that transmit information. Try to keep wireless routers and phone base stations away from the unit.

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