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light timer switch Flashing Lights On The Xbox 360

If you’re an Xbox 360 owner then no doubt you have heard something about the flashing red lights and hardware failures of the console. There’s many names for the flashing red lights such as the three red rings of doom, the dreaded red ring and plenty more.

Wireless Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Control Light Touch Switch 86However because there are so many different names for all of the different problems chances are you’ll not realise that depending on the number of red light showing you’ll be able to mean various things. For example if you have 4 red lights flashing then this really is not an issue and is normally just an unplugged AV cable and if you happen to check this so make sure that it is firmly plugged in you will probably find that your console works good as new!

In this article I will tell you what the different flashing lights on the Xbox 360 mean.
If you look closely at the ability button on the console you may see that it is divided into four red quadrants and depending on which red lights are flashing it can inform you what is wrong with the console.

You probably have two red lights flashing this normally means that your console is overheating and it is not the red ring of death. All you want to do is leave your console for an excellent few hours and unplug it from the wall allowing it to cool. light timer switch After 3 to 4 hours if you return and switch it on then it should work.

If it still doesn’t work then try hoovering all the dust out the side and back vents as sometimes dust build up alone could cause these problems. As mentioned above when you’ve got 4 red lights then all you should do is check the AV cable and make sure it’s plugged in firmly.

More serious problems begin with 1 red flashing light or 3 red flashing lights both of that are hardware failures and what this implies is that a number of of the components contained in the console has stopped working.

You will have just a few options to fix these errors:
1) The primary option is to send it back to Microsoft and have them repair it for you. This is sort of a superb choice in case you are still in warranty but don’t expect to get your console back fast as the conventional repair times can range from 4 to six weeks. Also you could well have to pay to get it fixed at a cost of $140.

2) Another way that you may get it fixed is just buy another console, although this will not be a plausible solution for lots of people as it’s going to cost some huge cash. Also in case you get an issue along with your new console you don’t need to should fork our even extra money every time this happens!

3) the other option you’ve is to repair the issue yourself and although at first this sounds ridiculous you possibly can actually be done at home with household items and no technical skills! In the event you take a look on the net there are instructional video guides that may show you step by step learn how to get rid of the flashing lights and back to green.

light timer switch

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