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The way to Calm Your Anxiety Attack In 10 Seconds

Whether you suffer from a clinically diagnosed anxiety disorder or simply get really, really stressed once in a while, we’ve all had those moments during which our worries take hold of us.

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 2 Gang 1 WAY Glass SwitchesAnd when an anxiety tidal wave hits us in public — while we’re stuck in a gathering and even in an elevator — it may be all of the more nerve-wracking to experience such overwhelming emotion in front of other people.

Thankfully, you don’t must suffer in silence or excuse yourself in an effort to make a fast escape. Here’s how one can keep calm and curb those anxious feelings ASAP.

1. Breathe
Sometimes, stopping anxiety is as easy as taking a deep breath. Certified meditation and mindfulness teacher Kathy Vandenburg says that our breath is an efficient strategy to calm the nervous system when we’re stressed. “Becoming aware of the breath and taking some long, slow, deep breaths [allows us to] shift from the sympathetic (fight/flight/freeze) response and activate the parasympathetic response (rest and digest),” she says.

Certified hypnotherapist and meditation guide Jasmine Smith agrees, suggesting the four-six-eight breathing technique — inhale for four seconds, hold for six seconds, exhale for eight seconds — to combat the shallow breathing an anxiety attack typically brings.

“The inhale and hold saturates your body, bloodstream, organs and tissues with cleansing fresh oxygen, energizing you and your cells,” she explains. “The long exhale expels as much carbon dioxide as possible, releasing toxins from the body. Use this breath anytime anxiety hits. The chemical reaction in your body will immediately lower your stress hormones, leaving you feeling at ease.”

To provide yourself an extra de-stressing boost, carry lavender oil with you and breathe within the calming scent: It has actually been shown to be as effective as medication for those with generalized anxiety disorder.

2. Change Your Position
In response to professional coach and hypnotist Scott Schmaren, changing how you’re sitting or standing can change your mood. “Neuroscience has taught us that the physiology of our bodies effects our emotions and that, when the 2 are in conflict, physiology will override your emotions and alter to match your physiology,” he explains. “So by changing your physiology to that of someone who’s confident, strong and powerful you’ll effect a change in your emotions and behavior.”

He suggests striking what he calls a “power pose” as an efficient technique for combatting anxiety. “Stand in a posture of strength. For instance, hands on hips, elbows out, legs shoulder-width apart — like Wonder Woman. Or simply sit tall and straight in a chair,” he says. “Many of my clients suffer with anxiety, and this simple and quick fix can be utilized any place and at any time.”

Another physiological tactic, in line with Joy Rains, author of “Meditation Illuminated: Simple Ways to Manage Your Busy Mind,” is to concentrate in your feet. “Focus on where you connect with the bottom, as if you’re ‘rooting’ into the earth and drawing strength into your body,” she advises

3. Ground Yourself
“Grounding” is a technique that helps you redirect your focus from what’s occurring inside your head to the physical space you’re in. It may be a really helpful way to release anxiety’s grip.

“Start by deliberately specializing in something around you — the grass, the countertop, a candle, the fabric of your jacket — after which switch your attention out of your worries to this physical object,” says professional counselor Stephanie Adams, M.A., LPC, who focuses on anxiety in teens and young adults. “Contemplate its shape, weight, substance, form. Think about whether it’s smooth or rough, what uses there are for the thing. If you place your whole energy into this, you won’t have any energy left to your anxiety.”

If it makes sense for the situation, Adams also suggests engaging another person in helping you calm your anxiety — without the person even knowing it. “Just choose an object which may potentially be of interest to him or her and ask some questions about it,” she says. “Focus on the answers and on the thing, not in your anxiety.”

4. Carry a Special Object
Rather than find an object in a given room, you might opt to hold one with you. Choose something like a chunk of jewelry, a keychain or a rock, suggests therapist Krista Verrastro, M.A., RDT, in order that when you’re feeling anxiety rise you’ll be able to hold the thing while you utilize positive self-talk, saying things like “I will probably be OK” or “I can get through this.”

“Since I’m a creative arts therapist, I often help people make their very own grounding objects to hold with them,” Verrastro adds. “Sometimes my clients make jewelry or decorate a pen, and other times we make bank card-size cardboard collages of images and words that bring them strength and comfort that are small enough to carry with them.”

5. Feel It
For some people, riding out their anxiety is a useful option to get through it. “The more you resist panic and anxiety, the more it keeps coming back,” says energetic health expert and success coach Heather Strang. “Why What’s happened is that there’s a buildup of emotions that haven’t been in a position to be felt — often emotions that you’ve absorbed from others, from previous traumas and so forth.”

She suggests excusing yourself to go to the bathroom or your car and just feeling what you’re feeling. (Or, if you’ll be able to, go sit outside while you’re taking a moment — vitamin D has been linked to easing depression, and somewhat sunshine may help lift your mood.)

“It will never last longer than 60 to 90 seconds, regardless that we fear that when we start feeling it, it won’t stop. Fear is irrational like that,” she says. “On the opposite side of allowing the panic or anxiety wave to flow through your body is tremendous peace, because what was all clogged in your system has been released.”

6. Analyze It
Another tactic that Rains suggests is to research your feelings in a nonbiased way. “Rate your anxiety on a scale of one to five, with five being the very best,” she says. “The act of rating helps bring the mind from an anxious state to more of an analytical state.”

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