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pulse power semiconductor switch,white 1 gang light switch

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1965 1966 Mustang Turn Signal Switch Wiring

I’ve I’ve been doing so much of labor on my car the past 6 weeks and I’ve a wiring haywire somewhere. First off, the car starts fine, runs fine, lights work, brights work, tail lights work, reverse lights work, parking lamps work, horn works. I’ve added the next new pulse power semiconductor switch parts.

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 1 Gang 1 way Light Switch WifiNew tail light kit (housing, bulbs, chrome, etc.)
New backup lamp kit
New parking lamp kit
New main wiring harness from Mr. Mustang; the primary headlight switch wiring harness (voltage reg, lights, park lights, horns, alternator, solenoid)
New main wiring harness for the engine (temp sending unit, oil sending unit, two speed fan, ignition, coil, etc.)
New Autolite Voltage Regulator
Rebuilt the fuse box with shiny new connectors and fuses.
New alternator wiring harness to match original that plugs in to the headlight wiring harness and attaches to the positive side of solenoid
New starter
New Scott Drake constant voltage regulator on the back of the inst panel.
New flexplate (flywheel)
New neutral safety switch

Battery has been fully charged on the local Autozone
Alternator passes the test (twice) done at Autozone

So here is/are the problem(s)
1. The ALT lamp stays on constantly. There isn’t any sign of battery drain as I can drive around town, stop, start again, leave it for 4 days and exit and begin it again.

2. Once i switch the important thing to the “On” position, the left turn signal works fine. Once i put the right turn signal on, both rear taillights flash as if it were using hazard lights (which I haven’t got).

3. Once i switch the key within the “On” position and activate the parking lamps, the left turn signal works fine. Once i activate the proper turn signal. The turn signal light comes on and stays lit. The proper tail light and park lamp come on as if it wants to flash, nevertheless it stays bright. At the identical time, the left tail lamp dims only a bit but still stays lit because it is within the parking lamp position.

4 Once i switch the important thing within the “On” position and activate the lights, the identical thing happens as explained in #3

***Here is where it starts getting weird***
5. If I leave the key within the off position and not even have it within the ignition, nothing happens left or right, obviously

6. If I leave the important thing within the off position and not even have it within the ignition, and turn the parking lamps on after which the left turn signal, nothing happens except the left tail light dims a bit. But when I activate the suitable turn signal, the left rear tail light dims a bit after which the oil light comes on (yeah.. head scratcher). And to make that more weird, if the fan is in the low or high position, it would make the oil light blink and the heater fan start pulsating in the identical rhythm because the turn signal noise.

7. The same thing happens because it did in #6 if I leave it in the off position, not have the important thing in it, turn the lights all the best way on. The left tail lamp will dim a bit and the oil lamp will come on. And if the heater is on, it will make the oil light and heater fan blink/activate in unison with the turn signal flasher.

Obviously there’s a wiring mix up here, but I can not seem to find it. I’m decently skilled with regards to working on this car because it is so mechanical and the wiring is pretty basic, but this has stumped me. Does anyone have any ideas of where to begin with this I’ve a feeling that when the culprit is found, the ALT light will go off, the oil light will stop flashing and all shall be back to normal. That is the way it seems to go together with this car.

Again, starts fine, drives fine, but this issue is weird and confusing. The entire fuses within the newly rebuilt fuse block are still good, but maybe I should not rule out a mis-wire on the fuse block. But if that were the case, I’d think there could be much bigger and noticeable issues.

I haven’t replaced the turn signal 2 prong plug because I’ve never had a problem before this. So that’s not new.

pulse power semiconductor switch

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