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To use To make use of The Krups Caffe Duomo

The German-based Krups company has been manufacturing coffee machines since 1961, and espresso machines since 1983. During that time, the corporate has designed and manufactured stand-alone coffee and espresso units, as well as combination units such because the Caffe Duomo.If you’re making coffee, espresso or remote hand switch cappuccino for the first time along with your Krups Caffe Duomo, run water through the machine a few times–without any coffee grounds within the basket–to remove any dust accumulated during storage and shipping.

Wireless Touch Switch White 1 Gang 1 way Touch Panel SwitchThings You may Need
Krups Caffe Duomo
Small pitcher (e.g. holds lower than 12 oz. of fluid)
Ground regular coffee or espresso
Paper coffee filters
Making Coffee

Insert a paper filter into the swiveling coffee filter located on the fitting side of your Krups Caffe Duomo machine. Place the desired amount of coffee grounds into the filter, and press the coffee filter into position. The coffee filter is locked in and ready to be used when it makes a clicking sound when pressed into position.

Open the hinged water chamber lid and pour in the suitable amount of water in proportion to the quantity of coffee grounds.

Position the lid of the glass coffee carafe in order that the front hooks on the coffee side of the machine are inside the carafe and the rectangular part of the carafe lid. Positioning the carafe correctly in this manner allows the carafe lid to be pushed down so that it connects with the carafe handle.

Turn the coffee “ON/OFF” switch of your Krups Caffe Duomo to “ON,” at which point the indicator light will illuminate and the coffee brewing process will begin.

Making Espresso or Cappuccino
Place the filter basket into the small espresso/cappuccino coffee filter located on the left side of your Krups Caffe Duomo machine.

Fill the filter with ground espresso to the suitable level and gently pack the grounds down along with your hand.

Align the arrow symbol on the filter holder thumb guard with the arrow symbol on the left side of the machine. Place the filter holder into the brewing head on the left side of the machine, and turn the filter holder to the precise until it cannot be turned anymore. At this point, the filter holder arrow symbol needs to be located to the furthest right position in the lock-range.

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Open the lid at the top of the machine, unscrew the boiler cap, and fill the boiler container with a level of cold water appropriate to the amount of espresso or cappuccino you intend to make. Fasten the boiler cap back on by turning it clockwise.

Attach the carafe lid to the carafe so that the opening of the lid is pointing toward the carafe pouring spout.

Turn the espresso “ON/OFF” switch to the “ON” position to begin brewing.
Pour 4 t0 6 ounces of milk into a small pitcher and place the steam nozzle tip into the pitcher, if you are making cappuccino. Rotate the steam release knob counterclockwise to activate the steam nozzle, and lower the pitcher because the froth rises to keep the nozzle tip just below the surface of the milk.

Turn the steam release knob clockwise to shut off the steam nozzle, while the nozzle is still in the frothed milk.

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