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Access Control Keypads

Wireless White 1 Gang 1 Way Touch On Off Switch For Lamps 86The power the ability of the internet to permit global access control, even when internet access is intermittent. Use the features to facilitate dual recognition methods or, deliver remote push button switch information to the user.

POE network connection, TCP/IP communication protocols

Control and power an electronic lock directly from the 723 SMO
Integrated bridge for your subsidiary RS232 serial device, delivers both power and bi-directional signal to your serial device

Metal, vandal resistant, key pad
Off line mode to allow access if network connection temporarily lost

Robust Metal enclosure
4 x 20 character, blue, back lit display

RS232 communication speeds from very low to as much as 500,000 BSP
Configuration via configuration software

Could be set to either Client or Server modes
Lock and Serial ports can be found via standard RJ11 female connectors on the back

ATM quality keypad
Black or silver enclosure colors available

Auxiliary input power port allows up to 1,500 mA (POE power alone 500mA
Full bi-directional control of unit

The Electrone 723 SMO is you ideal answer for access control. Use the POE to make a single connection to provide both power and signal, while retaining all control via your host application.

The Electrone 723 SMO can be setup to control an electronic lock. The host application will receive data and then send the action back to the unit. If the lock is connected to the unit it will probably send an open signal.

The Electrone 723 SMO has a useful ‘off-line’ mode so if the network connection is lost up to 10 special access codes can be found for emergency access. The unit will log up to 500 uses off line and this log is obtainable to the host application to later examine.

The Electrone 723 SMO the 16 keys and 4 x 20 character display make the unit a functional min terminal. The character display is back lit for use in poor light and allows the user to navigate a series of menu choices managed by the host application.

The Electrone 723 SMO installation is easy, just bring the lines to the mounting position.
The Electrone 723 SMO The unit is a detecting power unit that may liaise automatically with the POE switch to determine power class. Alternatively, the unit can be power via an area power supply. The unit can be utilized with either or both possible power sources. Using POE power alone up to 500mA is available. If power is also supplied via the auxiliary power in port, then up to 1,500 mA will be available. If the switch is not POE then the auxiliary port can be used alone to power the unit and subsidiary devices.

The Electrone 723 SMO will be supplied with fully cabled and tested compatible ancillary devices comparable to card readers and remote push button switch receipt printers.

Access Control Keypads

Electrone 723 SMO (PATENT PENDING)

remote push button switch

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