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remote test switch duct detector,touch lamp control switch

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Z Wave Dimmer Enables Smart Wireless Control Of LED Lighting

Wireless Touch Switch White 1 Gang 1 way Touch Panel SwitchZ Wave dimmer is a lighting device with Z remote test switch duct detector Wave interface to manage LED or conventional lights. It receives wireless signal from a primary controller and outputs dimming signal to the connected LED lights. It now becomes a important solution for smart home lighting control.

To use a Z Wave dimmer, you need to first include it to the network which is set up and administrated by a Z Wave primary controller. Once added to the network, you may switch ON/OFF, adjust light intensity of the dimmer from primary controller interface (APP installed on a sensible phone). For CCT or RGB dimmer, color temperature or RGB color is also adjustable. Color sequences can be available.

Another way is to add a secondary controller which has no network administration function to the network and associate the dimmer with it, then the dimmer could be controlled from the secondary controller which is available with push button or touch wall controller and handheld remote styles.

Each Z Wave network allows up to 232 devices (including secondary controller and lighting devices) , which is enough in your whole house lighting control. The wireless transmission distance varies from 10 meters to 100 meters depending on the environment. Besides lighting devices, it is also capable of controlling door lock, thermostat, shutter, smoke detector etc. You may add all these devices to your Z Wave network and control with one APP. Your primary controller shall have to support all these devices and the devices shall have Z Wave interface.

You can even configure the primary controller to your house router network, then connect your smart phone to it and control the devices, which will greatly increases the transmission distance.

Cloud control from internet (computer APP interface or web browser) is a great advantage of Z Wave once the gateway is configured to connect to Ethernet. Remote monitor and control of your home lighting is possible from internet even when you are thousands of miles away.

A device can also be excluded from the network by the primary controller once it is not needed. You can remove it from the APP interface. Once it is removed, it can’t be controlled by the primary controller.

remote test switch duct detector

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