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sensitive light switch,3 gang touch switch for lamp

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Change The Mood With Light Dimmers

You walk into a room, flick the switch, the light goes on. Walk out, another flick, the sunshine goes off. Easy and simple but you might be missing out on an ideal lighting design opportunity.

Wireless Black 2 gang 1 way Touch On Off Light Switch WifiEffective lighting just isn’t nearly making sure you don’t trip over the furniture if you enter a room but about setting an appropriate mood and a tone for the space as well.

The thing is a room may have many moods depending upon the situation. A jolly family gathering at the holiday dining table tends to call for bright friendly lighting but which may be a bit a lot if you find yourself serving a romantic supper for 2. Having dimmer witches installed is a simple and affordable way to resolve that dilemma.

Modern dimmer switches are available in four basic types.
The Rotary Dimmer

These are the dimmer switches you used to see in your mother’s dining room. The way they work could be very basic – the manual dial allows a homeowner to alter the lighting level by turning the dial. Some also feature a push button setting that allows you to change the light off at evening’s end while keeping the current setting in place.

The Slide Dimmer
The slide dimmer works in the identical manner as the rotary dimmer but because the name suggests it employs a sliding control instead of a rounded version.

The Touch Dimmer
A touch dimmer controls lighting intensity at the literal touch of a button and is usually programmable. A one-touch recall feature allows the homeowner to return to the previous lighting level without resetting the light and set certain favorite lighting levels as presets.

The Integrated Dimming System
That is the top of the road in dimmer technology. It allows homeowners to create several preset lighting settings in a single room and may even be controlled by a remote control without the homeowner ever having to rise up off the couch.

Whichever dimmer option you choose, a very powerful thing is that it is properly installed. A simple rotary dimmer isn’t too hard for the handy homeowner to put in by themselves however the installation of the more sophisticated options should definitely be left within the hands of a licensed electrician.

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