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stanley 30413 light switch remote,touch screen wall switch

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3 gang touch switch, stanley 30413 light switch remote,Gooston is the world leader in proximity & touch solutions for next gen user interfaces.,

Down By The Creek

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 2 Gang 1 WAY Glass SwitchesIt took the higher a part of the day, but that was with an almost two year old helping… evidently I could have busted it out much quicker without my little ‘helper’ moving frames and pictures around for me!

I started by making 2 parallel lines from string on the wall, and planned out where my frames would go below and above the horizontal gap running the length of the gallery wall. Then I started stanley 30413 light switch remote filling in the frames, going left to right. The first ones were a bit trickier due to the light switch, and i had to actually pick and choose. That meant that I had to go back through my arrangement on the floor and redo the order.

We got a whole lot of the frames up, but then we had to take a break for Little M’s afternoon nap. Once she was back awake and had eaten her afternoon snack, we started up again and got the entire frames up on the wall around supper time. I did some switching of pictures through the evening, and everything was all done before her bedtime. I actually love how it all turned out!

stanley 30413 light switch remote

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