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Switch Between Various Video Inputs On A Single Output Device

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A user can switch between different video sources and view them on a single display device using a Video Switch. This device is hassle free because you do not have to maintain disconnecting and reconnecting different video sources. The clarity of images is such that it appears as each source is connected on to the display. Supporting resolutions of as much as 1900 x 1200, this piece of hardware is designed for applications where multiple high resolution computer video signals must be switched to 1 display. These Video switches are available in various formats starting from two inputs connected to 1 output as much as sixteen input sources connected to a single output.

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These units may also be cascaded to form a greater matrix of inputs to a single output. Out of the varied models of these switchers, the newest is the DVI Switch which enables multiple computers with the, DVI interface, to at least one DVI display device. These switches come with 2 or 4 ports and are available with or without audio eliminating the need for separate setups for video and audio. A matrix version can be available for multiple DVI inputs and outputs. Equipped with in-built amplifier circuits there is no such thing as a ghosting of images. These DVI switch units support display resolutions including SXGA 1280 x 1024 and 480p, 720p, 1080p for HDTV’s or 1600×1200 at a pixel frequency of 250MHz. These units are CE, FCC and RoHS compliant, and are compatible with PC based windows and MAC systems.

All variants of the Video Switcher such because the manual, automatic and matrix switchers use front panel buttons, hot keys, RS232 or infra red remote for switching between input sources. They support DDC, DDC2 and DDC2B protocols. You may also use the auto scan mode for monitoring PC’s. Front panel LEDs indicate the status of connected devices. Hot pluggable, these devices don’t require a user to power off a system when additional input sources are connected or disconnected. 15-pin HD connectors are used for all computer-video input and output connections. These switches can be found either as a standalone device or as rack mounted devices. The Video Switch is utilized in educational, commercial, security and Surveillance, multimedia and digital signage applications due to their ability to present information from various sources to a single output device.

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