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timer switch 24 hour,resistive touch switch

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Wireless Black 2 Gang 1 Way Touch Switch Touch Panel Switch 86You do not have disturb the headlight switch at all to do this, but, you will need to tug the instrument cluster out so that you will have access to the back of the ignition switch and the plug connector for the tail light harness. This isn’t a big deal in any respect, though. I have the instructions for that in a post called Instrument Cluster Removal.

On your car, that three prong connector on the tail light harness will probably be a two prong connector, since your car probably didn’t come from the factory with reverse lights. For those who look at the three prong connector in the image, you’ll notice that one on the wires is black with a red stripe. That’s the wire that powers the reverse lights. Since you already have the foglight wiring stuff, you possibly can still make that work if it’s the three prong stuff. What it is best to have is a switch, which also has a three prong connector, a wire harness thingy that has three ends, each of which has a three prong conector, a bunch of light gray wire, somewhat circuit breaker, and a couple of short black wires which have a ring connector on one end and a bullet connector on the other end.

What you need to do, once you get the instrument cluster out of the way, is install the switch assembly in the dash of the car. Then, locate the flat plug connector that connects the tail light harness to the principle underdash harness. Will probably be kind of up above where the fuse box is, and the end that goes out to the tail lights will go down behind the driver’s side kick panel, then under the door scuff plate and on out to the trunk. It should have a woven type wrap aroung it. In case you go to the post on headlight switch replacement and click on the second picture, you may see where the taillight harness is on the right hand side of the picture, back behind the windshield wiper switch. It has a green wire with an orange stripe and an orange wire with a blue stripe. Unplug the connector of that harness.

On the harness that you just bought that plugs into the fog light switch, two of the connectors can have a black wire with a red stripe running from one to the other. The connector that does not have this wire is the one that plugs into the switch. The 2 remaining connectors of that harness plug into the the two connectors which you unplugged on the tail light harness. Make sure that the prongs for the black wire with the red stripe aren’t plugged into anything, and the other two wires are going color-to-color.

You will also have a protracted wire coming out of the switch that has a timer switch 24 hour ring connector on the top of it that looks kind of like it must be a ground wire. It isn’t. That’s the wire that supplies power to the switch when the top lghts aren’t on. Attach that to circuit breaker that came with the wiring kit and make you a wire with a ring connector on each end. Connect one end to the opposite prong on the circuit breaker and connect the other end to the stud on the back of the ignition switch. This will give the foglight switch power when the hot button is in the on position. The you run the really long grey wire through the firewall and out to the driver’s side fog light. Plug the connector which is a female connector and has two wires coming out of it into the drivers side fog light and run the other wire from that connector over to the passenger side fog light and plug it into that. You should have the two short black wires remaining. Plug one each into the other connectors of the fog lights and connect the ring connector from each to the same screws on the radiator core support that has the headlight ground screws on them. One might be by the front of the battery and the driver’s side ground screw will be form of near the voltage regulator.

timer switch 24 hour

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