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timer switch 4 wires,touch sensor lamp switch

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12v touch switch, timer switch 4 wires,Check out our range of Powerpoints, Light Switches & Accessories products at your local Bunnings Warehouse.,

Able 2 Warning Lights, Sirens, Speakers & Accessories

Black 1 Gang 1 Way Wireless Touch Screen Light Switch 86Able 2 produces warning lights, sirens, speakers, accessories, flashers, megaphones, rechargeable lights, spots and floods, strobe parts, switch boxes, switches, lights and sirens under the SHO-ME brand name.
Rapid Intervention teams will appreciate the brand new X-IT Lite model 10.1000 from Able 2 products. This 360 LED beacon marks building floor and room exits and features a built-in wall siren to signal evacuation. On only one charge this Able 2 SHO-ME product will operate continuously for up to 8 hours. Able 2 designed this product with two push-button features to permit for the independent operation of the beacon and siren when needed. The three” Fresnel lens is available timer switch 4 wires in your choice of amber, blue, clear, green or red, and the package includes one 110AC wall charger. When charging, the indicator lights on the side of the Able 2 SHO-ME X-IT Lite 10.1000 glow.
Able 2 has redesigned the housing for his or her SHO-ME rechargeable lights and they’re now available with either a green or black retaining ring. Within the redesign, Able 2 included a brand new multi-position adjustable base with positive-locking ratchets so the top user can position the light to the required angle and lock it into place. The rechargeable lights also include recyclable, rechargeable batteries for the last word in cordless portable operation. And the options are unlimited. The SHO-ME rechargeable light from Able 2 operates both flood and spot bulbs which might operate 3 to 4 hours on a gradual basis, or 6 to eight hours intermittently on one charge.
Perfect for emergency evacuation, recovery, search and excavation teams, the rechargeable light from Able 2’s SHO-ME product line features a fast release charging base in three styles for quite a lot of charging options, including 110 AC, DC Plug-in, or DC Hardwire Charger. The end user may add-on a nylon should strap for increased portability or to be used in situations that require two hands, such as climbing into or out of a narrow space. The Able 2 SHO-ME Rechargeable Light package comes complete with a choice of AC, DC or DC hardwire charger and choice of a spot bulb or a flood bulb. Replacement batteries, chargers and bulbs are also available.
For undercover operations, Able 2 manufactures a 4 function undercover switch box which operates with only one mini-controller for its SHO-ME product line. This box’s compact controller housing mounts easily into tight spaces for optimum obscurity. This Able 2 product also fits comfortably within the palm of the hand. For night operations, the unit features LED lights which illuminate each soft-touch switch and highlight the chosen function. And the mini controller plugs into the relay box easily. Able 2 offers these SHO-ME products as a kit and every kit includes one remote mini controller and one relay box, as well as all the required wiring. Able 2 offers replacement parts and accessories for the SHO-ME 4-function undercover box, including a replacement master relay box and a replacement mini-controller.
Able 2’s SHO-ME product line also includes an 8 function undercover box which operates of just 1 mini controller. The 8 function kit includes one remote mini controller, one master relay box, one slave relay box and all the mandatory wiring. Able 2 also offers replacements parts and accessories for the 8 function undercover switch box, including a replacement master relay box, a replacement slave relay box and a replacement mini-controller.
Undercover operations still require sirens and Able 2 manufactures an undercover siren/switch box which operates as much as four sirens and 4 different functions with only one mini controller. Like the opposite Able 2 undercover products, the undercover siren/switch box mounts into tight hiding spaces. The Siren/Switch kit from Able 2 includes one mini remote controller, one master relay box one slave siren and all the mandatory wiring. Replacement parts and timer switch 4 wires accessories include a replacement master relay box, a replacement slave siren and a replacement mini controller.
Covert operations require low profile equipment and the Covert LED Kit from Able 2 fits right into a 1″ diameter hole in front or rear vehicle lights. Featuring 9 high-intensity LED lights in each light head, the Covert LED kit from Able 2 can output 19 different flash patterns. The lightheads can be found in amber, blue, red and white. SHO-ME’s Covert LED Kit from Able 2 includes LED light heads with 6″ pigtail cables, 6′ extension cable, LED flasher module with 8′ cable, in addition to gaskets and mounting hardware. Additional parts and accessories can be found from Able 2, and people include a LED double switch, a LED micro switch, a 6′ extension cable, LED light heads in all colors and a flasher module and cable.
Able 2 also manufactures accessories light alarms, dome lights, equipment racks, gun racks, gun locks, ignition override boxes, light mounting accessories, map lights in quite a lot of styles and sizes, in addition to outlet boxes, megaphones, and timers for emergency, law enforcement and medical responders.

timer switch 4 wires

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