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timer switch gets hot,555 touch switch

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To put in To put in A Pole Light

Installing Pole lights is useful to both the feel and appear of your landscape but in addition to the protection of your property. Pole lights help deter people from entering your yard with ideas of doing damage to your property. Deciding to put in pole lights is the first step into getting the job done. Consider all the items you will want including a licensed professional electrician. Choosing to do timer switch gets hot your personal wiring is usually a hazardous ordeal.

Wireless Gold 3 Gang Touch Switch Touch Screen Light SwitchThings You will Need
Post light and lamp
PVC or galvanized conduit, connectors, elbows and adhesive( PVC only)
“UF” wiring cable
Ground Fault Interrupter (GFC) switch or circuit breaker
Hack saw
Splicing caps and electrical tape
Shovel and post-hole digger
Installation process

Decide where you want to put in the pole light, draw out a diagram marking each location and the surrounding area. You want to make note of sidewalks, flower boxes, trees, and other lawn items. On the map make note of these things and mark the required distance from the pole light to every item. Contact an electrician to put in the wiring on your pole lights, make note of the day and time they are often there, and plan installing the pole lights accordingly.

Buy all the items needed for installing the pole lights in advance, don’t wait till the day of your project to run out and get these things. It doesn’t hurt to have extra conduit, rope, stakes and gravel or cement. This can insure that you don’t run out of this stuff at a critical moment.

Mark each place on the bottom with a small stake and rope. Using your tape measure check to make certain that the required distance has been met. Run a line from one of many stakes to the subsequent marker, to assist visualize the final layout.

Use the post-hole digger to dig out each location, at the very least 2-feet deep or below the frost line. In case you are installing a large amount of pole lights then it’s endorsed to do not more than five at a time. Leave the outlet at the underside of the pole uncovered for threading the wires used to attach and power each light. Dig a line from one pole to the subsequent for running the conduit.

Upon getting each hole dug out, place a layer of gravel in the underside. Set the pole inside the opening, after which pour your cement mix into the outlet. Using among the rope and extra stakes, tie a support line around each post and attach it to 3 stakes surrounding the poles. Do that for each pole then allow the cement not less than 24 hours to dry.

Fill the remainder of the outlet with dirt, plant either grass, flowers or trim it with decorative rock. timer switch gets hot You at the moment are ready to put in the top of every pole light; that is when you wish to have the electrician there that will help you. They are going to be able to make sure that your wires are installed correctly and finalize the connection while installing the control switch.

Tips & Warnings
Calling an area electrician can make it easier to save money.
Your local hardware store should carry all of the items needed.
Plan on the project taking greater than a day or two tops.
Don’t use cheap wiring
Don’t try to rewire or connect the switch by yourself
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timer switch gets hot

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