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Benefits Of Using Raritan KVM Switches

Wireless Touch Switch White 2 Gang 1 Way Touch Switch For LampAn interesting trend in the IT agenda of corporations was noticed at AFCOM’s Data Center World conference that was held on March 2010-data center power management tops the agenda of virtually every IT and facility manager. They have felt that the necessity of the hour is energy-saving virtualization and other green computing technologies inside the server room. This has brought deal with KVM switches-hardware devices that facilitate control of multiple servers from a single location. They are often found in data centers where many servers are placed on a single rack. A Raritan KVM switch is a favorite with many.

There are many forms of Raritan KVM switches that serve varied purposes and probably making the most buzz are the KVM-over-IP switches. These enterprise-level switches have broken new grounds in technology and allow the user to have BIOS-level control of up to 16 servers over the LAN, WAN, or the Internet. These products from the Raritan stable come in both single- and dual-user formats and are compatible on a wide range of platforms. These switches have proved to be a boon for offices and businesses scattered over multiple locations and in addition mid-sized server rooms. These have, expectedly, won many accolades.

Analog KVM switches from Raritan are also popular choices in the server rooms. These secure enterprise-class hardware devices let multiple users access and wield control over multiple servers and other varied kinds of network devices at the info center or in the server room. There are also some that allow up to 64 users control hundreds of servers.

Raritan has also give you KVM extenders to add to the efficacy of their switches. Their CAT5 Reach KVM Extender enables you to control multiple servers from as far away as 1,000 feet.

The Raritan KVM switch platter gets the pizzazz with their Dominion offering. This device uses a powerful frame-grabber and compression technology to capture, digitize, and compress video signals before sending them to the client PC at a remote location. It can be quickly installed on the intended server through an integrated USB or PS2 and keyboard and mouse attachments. What is more, Raritan’s KVM Interface Module (KIM) allows the user to access this switch from any point on the LAN, WAN, or the Internet.

Raritan KVM switches are the best solutions that let you manage your data center or server room. In actual fact, there may be one to address your specific needs. I-Tech Company stocks varied models of Raritan KVM switches, all under one roof. Go through the detailed product specifications sections timer switch off ipad of the switches and choose the one that can allow you to run your office or business efficiently.

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