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timer switch robert dyas,glass touch switch

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The light Dimmer & How It really works

Black 1 Gang 1 Way Wireless Touch Screen Light Switch 86Dimmer switches are an effective way to regulate the lighting within your home or office space and fortunately, they are not difficult or costly to put in. Dimmer lights are great for creating moods within a room. For instance, you may have the lights switched to full for a dinner party, but when the food’s away lower them for a more atmospheric feel and look. This can work for quite a lot of everyday situations, which is why dimmers have become so popular over time.

A typical dimmer switch will have a lever or knob, which the user can move up or all the way down to create the specified lighting effect. This control will mean you can have your lights anywhere from fully lit to switched off. Many modern dimmers also include a remote control.

How do light dimmers work
Traditional timer switch robert dyas dimmers work in a way that the energy is diverted right into a resistor when the lights are dimmed. While this still achieves the specified effect, it still implies that owners are paying for a totally lit bulb, even if it is dimmed more often than not.

Modern dimmers are rather more energy efficient. Instead of sending energy to a resistor, the sunshine circuit shall be switched off and on, thus reducing the flow of energy.

Is it easy to put in a dimmer switch
In the event you consider yourself quite handy across the house installing a dimmer switch is not going to be hard work. However, it’s always recommended that you utilize an electrician if you are not confident working with electricity. There are numerous ‘tips on how to’ guides that may be found online, but it’s best to get advice from knowledgeable as electric work may be very dangerous if handled incorrectly.

timer switch robert dyas

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