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toggle push button switch,touch switch panel

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Triac Dimmer Switch To control Various Lighting Fixtures

Triac (triode alternating current) dimmer is a kind of widely used AC dimmer on the planet, it’s firstly designed to manage the incandescent and halogen lights. Nowadays as LED lighting becomes increasingly popular, they are also compatible with dimmable LED bulbs or triac dimmable LED drivers.

If you want to manage just your standard incandescent, halogen, or xenon lights – you must use a triac dimmer switch. This switch uses an electrical component called a triode alternating current switch, or a triac. To dim, the switch turns the lights on and off very rapidly, about 120 times every second. The flashing happens too rapidly for us to note. This process is just like how video works – the still frames move so quickly that what we see looks smooth and continuous. To adjust the brightness lower, toggle push button switch the triac keeps the lights “on” greater than “off.” To adjust the brightness higher, they’re “off” more than “on.”

Wireless White 2 Gang 1 Way Finger Touch Light SwitchIf you’re controlling an AC dimmable LED light, you may also use triac dimmer. But when it’s a DC LED light, a triac dimmable LED driver is required between the dimmer and the sunshine. Flickering is a problem when using a triac dimmer to manage LEDs and dim to a low brightness level for example lower than 20%.

Traditional control units for triac dimmers are push button switch and rotary switch, which isn’t smart enough. Nowadays, many manufacturers develops smart control for triac dimmer.

RF/WiFi wireless control is an intelligent solution that drastically increases flexibility. The triac dimmer is designed with built-in RF receiver that receives wireless signal from a remote or smart phone. The transmission range may be over 20 meters, so you possibly can control your triac dimmer anywhere in your house.

DMX512 control is another solution that’s a lot better than traditional control units. The triac dimmer is designed with built-in DMX interface and accepts DMX signal input. A master controller should is required to send DMX signal to the dimmer. You possibly can set DMX address on the dimmer, whether it is designed with multiple output channels, you possibly can control them separately with different DMX channels.

toggle push button switch

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