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touch dimmer switch circuit diagram,smart touch switch

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mosfet touch switch, touch dimmer switch circuit diagram,10amp 12 volt touch sensitive switch for use in many 12 volt applications,

Safety Of Terminal Boxes

Asking Your Electrician in Dover about Wire Colors
Opening your electrical panel or removing a light fixture will be an incredibly overwhelming experience. You may see not only a large number of buttons and wires but a myriad of colors as well. It is crucial, for the safety of both you and your electrician in Dover, to understand exactly what the color coded wires stand for.

Colors and Markings
Black 1 Gang 1 Way Wireless Touch Screen Light Switch 86Take a careful look at the wires you’re preparing to work with. Each one will have some sort of stamp on the surface sheath. The stamp will tell your electrician about the size of the wire and the kind of work it is supposed to be used for. Under the sheath is the color, which also indicates how the wire ought to be used.

Black and red wires are both used to create hot connections. They’re used to send power to outlets, switches, and even things like ceiling fans and smoke detectors.

Yellow wires and blue wires are used to create hot wire connections as well. They are most commonly used to connect three or four-way switches and power appliances like lights, fans, and anything else that uses a switch to control.

Bare copper and green coated wires are used to create grounding connections.
There are, after all, a few exceptions to the rule. White wires, for example, can be used to create a secondary hot wire or to create an additional leg for a three-way switch. If you use a white wire for anything aside from a neutral connection, it should be clearly marked with colored electrical tape so that it is not mistaken for something else, causing danger to your electrician.

Not sure your wires are marked properly Contact your electrician in Dover for help. He’ll be able to review your wires, be sure that they’re in great working order, and check to see if they’re marked correctly. Author Box Geoffrey Dominion has 1 articles online

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touch dimmer switch circuit diagram

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