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Touch Dimmers, Glass Dimmer, Touch Switch, Hygienic Switches

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The final design of light switches has changed very little since electricity was first utilised.

It is a U.K designed product for the discerning customer who wants to interrupt away from generic boring light switches.

Wireless Gold 3 Gang Touch Switch Touch Screen Light Switch

There are a variety of different products inside the range including 1, 2 and 3 Gang Touch Dimmers and 1, 2 and three Gang touch switches with radio remote controls.

The fascia is crystal glass no moving parts. When the lights are off it has a low level attractive electric blue glow under each switch – ideal for locating the switch when in complete darkness similar to bedrooms, guest rooms, kitchens, and hallways. When activated the blue lights glows brighter.

The switch is operated by simply touching the glass:

To dim – touch the glass and keep your finger held against it
To brighten – simply take your finger away and touch the glass again until the desired level of light is attained

This product is LED Compatible

The dimming and switching functions will work with our Dimmable LED Downlights. By using our Dimmable Transformers in conjunction with the Touch Dimmer our other LED Products akin to our Single Colour LED Strip Lighting, and Plinth Lights can be used.

The minimum load have to be 3 watts. If in doubt please email or telephone us.

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