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touch hinge dimmer switch,wall touch switch

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Installing The Garmin GSD 24 Sounder Module

Magic box is the proper word, because it allows you to use most, but not all Airmar transducers already installed in your boat, by cutting off the connector, and connecting the touch hinge dimmer switch wiring onto terminals contained in the box. In my case the prevailing transducer was a Northstar transducer, which loosely translates to touch hinge dimmer switch an Airmar 744V with a Northstar connector on the tip.

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The process is straight forward. Start first by identifying your transducer. Airmar placed a tag, and it is a sturdy one, on the wire either up by the connector, or down near the transducer that on the minimum will have an element number. If the actual model number just isn’t on the tag, (On this case the model number is a Triducer B744VL) you can go to Airmar’s website and search for the part number. If the tag is missing, check with the old sounder module manufacturer for a list of compatible transducers to narrow the search, or call the boat builder if it was original equipment installed on the boat. Now if any of that did not work, call Garmin, and or Airmar, and get some advice. Airmar did make a handful of transducers with special features for some manufacturers, that also may, or may not work. On this category are all Raymarine transducers which use a special sense feature. These units will not be compatible. Some smaller Lowrance, and Hummingbird transducers usually are not compatible, together with all side scan transducers. The excellent news for many users is you will not have any problems.

touch hinge dimmer switch

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