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touch led dimmer switch,wifi lighting switch

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How you can Wire A Relay For Off-Road LED Lights

What is a Relay
A relay is an electrical switch. It allows a low current “switch” circuit to manage the electricity flow of a high-current circuit load, like your LED Light bar for instance.

Why Do I Need A Relay
Wireless Black 1 Gang 1 Way Touch Lamp Control Switch 86If you create a circuit (a loop of electricity from the battery to your LED Light bar), if you happen to just put a switch between the battery and the light, it should be rated for the touch led dimmer switch complete current (amp draw) of the light. Our lowest amp draw LED light pod has an amp draw of about 1.4 amps. Many switches would be capable of handle that…but if you’re using, say our 50″ LED Light bar, that has an amp draw of about 17.2 amps, which may be a lot for that little switch to handle. Consequently, you possibly can find yourself overheating the switch, melting the wires, and reducing the current that’s attending to your lights, making them not as bright.

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Another reason you could need a relay is for the creative ways you should utilize electrical currents from things apart from a physical switch. For example you want have your LED Light Bar come on together with your high beams, or reverse lights, for instance. Read more about that below.

Methods to Wire your LED Light Bar Using a Relay
The relay can have 4 prongs on it, marked 30, 87, 85 and 86. Sort of cryptic isn’t it. Well if you’re just going to use our wiring harness, and switch, you don’t need to know what any of that is, because it comes all pre-wired and plugged in together.

touch led dimmer switch

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