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Learn how to Troubleshoot A Faulty Electric Gate

Tips For Troubleshooting A Faulty Electric Swing Gate.
White 1 Gang 1 Way Finger Touch Light Switch WirelessA guide with some useful tips for troubleshooting a faulty electric swing gate installation. I hope this guide will enable you if you’re experiencing problems together with your electric gates. It is intended to help you find the source of the issue and hopefully assist you to repair it, or give an accurate account of the problem to your friendly gate repairman.

Check the facility Supply. Yes I realize it sounds obvious, but some people do not check. Because the ability is on in the house, they assume that it’s on at the gate. Check the circuit breakers. Take a look at any other equipment, such as the intercom or keypad, to see if the lights are on. Press the buttons on the keypads to see if there is a corresponding beep or sound. All these will give you an indication if there is power at the gates or not. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping call the repairman. You probably have electric to the control box check the remote controls.

Check the transmitter. There is often a light on the transmitter (remote control) that indicates that it is working when you press the buttons. This can be misleading, as sometimes the light works, however the signal is just not strong enough to reach the receiver. Replace the battery just to be on the safe side. Check with another transmitter you probably have one, or use another form of access control i.e. digital keypad, intercom, key switch etc. If the remotes are working, check the photocells if fitted.

Check the safety devices. Sometimes a short-circuit on a photograph cell could cause the system to stop working. Wave a hand (it’s easier to use touch light switch circuit diagram one in every of yours) in front of the photo cell, and you should be able to hear a very quiet click. If you can hear this click, you understand that you’ve got electricity into the control box.

If your gates are still not functioning after checking the power supply is present and peripheral equipment is working properly then follow these steps:

If your gates are stuck within the open position and won’t close, try waving your hand in front of one of the photocells (as above) and it is best to hear a quiet clicking sound. This can only be heard from certainly one of your photocells, so that you may need to check them both. If you can’t hear that clicking sound there may be a problem with your safety beam / photocells, or the facility to them power to them. It might be that the safety beam has failed because it is broken or it could also be full of insects that are blocking the beam, or that it is without power.

It is fairly easy job to remove the cover of the photocell. Check that the beams are clear. There is usually a small light contained in the case if it has the correct voltage connected.

You may have the reflector type of photocell, check the alignment, as this is a very common cause of them not working. If the photocells seem to be aligned, but not working, it’s worthwhile to contact a professional. Such a photo cell is often a sealed unit, without any serviceable parts

If the gates failed in the closed position, using the manual release, move the gates to about half open, if they are on a ram arm system relock the arms. If they are on an underground system leave the gates swinging freely (as you may see the motor turning), now activate the gates with a transmitter (if you’re sure that it is working) and observe any movement of the gates. If neither of the motors work, and you already know you might have the correct power supply, it is likely to be a problem with the electronics on the control card. If one motor works, it is likely that the opposite motor has failed. If both motors work, this has not provided you with a solution to the problem. It may be a mechanical problem, the gates could be getting jammed on something.

If the gates do start working again, we recommend that you simply carry on using them only until such a time as an expert can give your gates a service.

Please remember.
Electricity is very dangerous, please do not touch any exposed wires or circuit boards. Turn the ability OFF before you open the control box.

touch light switch circuit diagram

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