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Touch Sensitive Light Switch

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Wireless Black 2 Gang 1 Way Touch Switch Touch Panel Switch 86The fireplace thermostatic fan control accessory switch easily plugs in to your fireplace blower, automatically turning the blower on when the fireplace cabinet reaches 120°.

Here’s how it works; the magnetic fireplace temperature sensor is attached to the metal cabinet above the equipment compartment i.e.: the underside of the particular firebox. When the metal where you’ve attached the sensor reaches 120° it is going to automatically turn in your blower. It can continue to run even after you turn the fireplace off, until the fireplace cools to below 120°. This lets you continue to learn from the heat produced by the fireplace for as much as 30 minutes after it has been turned off.

Thermostatic Fan Control Accessory Switch Installation Instructions:

With fireplace off, cool, and blower unplugged:

1-Unplug the black wire from the blower and plug it onto the male lead from the fireplace thermostat. Plug the female lead from the thermostat onto the blower. The thermostat includes 24of wiring with male/ female type connectors that easily install on the blower. When purchased with the blower the wires comes pre-installed.

2-“Stickthe thermostat to the bottom of the fireplace about 6back from door. Make sure it is not on a label or near the pilot light.

3-Be sure that the wires from the fan power supply and the thermostat are usually not touching the underside of the fireplace (top of the equipment access compartment) as this a part of the fireplace can get very hot and melt the wire. Also, the glue that holds the magnet onto the temperature sensor is rated for 180°. This works fine for many gas fireplace installations, however whether it is installed in a location that exceeds 180°, the glue will fail and the sensor will become dislodged from the magnet. Make sure that the connectors from the back of the temperature sensor don’t come in touch with the metal a part of the fireplace.

4- Plug the blower back in and turn on the fireplace. If the blower takes longer than 10 minutes to activate, reposition the fireplace thermostat sensor to a spot on the underside of the firebox that gets warmer faster. All fireplaces, burners, and log assemblies are different and all fireplaces have hot and cool spots. Move the sensor around until you find the spot that turns the blower on fairly quickly. Note that some vent free fireplaces are in-built a way that prevents this part of the cabinet from warming as much as the required 120°. If you are unsure about your fireplace, you should turn your fireplace on & see if the cabinet gets hot to the touch.

5-The magnet needs to be installed horizontally as shown in the image above. The magnet is designed to hold it in place on this configuration. If installed vertically “up the side of the firebox,the sensor will eventually “fall off.With the sensor away from the cabinet, the blower will stay in the off position.

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