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Universal Rotary Dimmer Switch To Simplify Home Lighting Control

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Rotary dimmer switch is a very simple and simple lighting controller that supports not only conventional lights but also LEDs and enables users to switch on/off and adjust brightness of the connected lamps by simply pushing and rotating the knob.

Wireless Touch Switch Black 2 GANG 1 WAY Remote Control Light SwitchDesigned with sleek shiny metal-look appearance and high strength tempered glass frame, the rotary dimmer switch is simple to operate. Click once to modify on the lamp, and click again to change off. Rotate to the right to dim up brightness and rotate to the left to dim down brightness. It is so simple that you don’t need to pay much time to learn the operations. While designed with radio frequency signal sender inside and the driver is also designed with built-in RF receiver, the LED rotary dimmer can control wirelessly.

Generally an entire LED dimmer system consists of a control unit that sends out control signal and a dimmer that receives the signal and converts it to dimming signal to manage the connected LED lamps. Here the rotary dimmer switch is a control unit, and a dimmer is required. There are a lot of different types of signal resembling RF/WiFi and IR wireless, 0/1-10V analog, DMX and DALI digital available for the LED rotary dimmer, and they all have their very own respective advantages, you possibly can choose in line with your preference. Once any of them is chosen, a dimmer that is able to receive corresponding signal shall be chosen.

The rotary dimmer switch could also be powered by a AC-DC power supply or directly by AC mains depending on different designs. Its signal output end should be connected to the dimmer signal input end if it is designed with DMX, DALI or 0-10v signal. If it is designed with RF signal, no wiring required and pairing between the control unit and dimmer will connect them.

The dimmer is a decoder that receives the control signal and converts it to PWM output to control the lamps. An AC to DC power supply is required if the receiver is with DC input, otherwise it can be directly connected with the AC mains. Please be sure the kinds of lamp you utilize first, AC or DC input? If they’re with DC input, constant voltage or constant current? Once you figure out these details, you may choose the right dimmer and rotary switch correspondingly. For brief distance control RF/WiFi style is recommended. For long distance and stable control, DMX, DALI or 0-10v style is recommended. There are numerous suppliers for rotary dimmer switch in the market, and people who’re famous brands and with good reputation are highly recommended since their products are more reliable and intelligent.

Rotary dimmer with the latest control signals corresponding to RF, DMX, DALI or 0-10V features smooth dimming and gradual switching without flickering, which is superb for human eyes. Some even have memory function that remembers the last brightness before turned off, and you don’t have to adjust brightness again once you activate the lights. They are available in numerous sizes that may be suitable for universal use akin to Europe, North America, Italy and Australia. Easy to put in and mount within the wall and suitable for the existing wall boxes.

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