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Wall Mount Rack For your Rackmount Monitor And Kvm Switches Are available Online At Rackmountsales

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Wall mount Rack on your Rackmount Monitor and KVM switches are available online at for discounted prices. 3 kinds of wall mount racks are presently available with crystal image technologies. First one is the Swing out wall mount rack, second one is the solid frame wall mount racks and the last one is the open frame wall mount racks. It helps in saving lots of space for you at either your computer room or at the wiring closets.

Wireless White 3 Gang 1 Way Touch Control Light Switch1. Swing out wall mount racks can be found in different designs like 6U swing out design, 8U swing out designs, 12U swing out designs, 15U swing out designs, 18U swing out design and 22U swing Out designs. 22U Swing out design is the largest one and here we will discuss the sort of swing out wall mount racks
Features of 22U swing out wall mount racks are as under:
The 22U swing out design rack has a 90 degree swing
The external dimension of this fabulous product is 27″ D X 23.75″ W X 42.75″ H and the interior dimension is 21.5″ Usable Depth X 19″ W X 38.5″ (22U) H.
It could actually easily carry 150lbs.
Has a lockable glass front door
It has a removable side panels with locks for easy access to your equipments stored within
There are 4 removable cable access slots i.e. 2 are present at the top surface and the other two are available in the bottom for extra usefulness.
Offers a warranty of 1 year.
The hardware of this wall mount rack can be sold separately.
Provides Rackmount shelves.
Locks can be found for securing your equipments and safeguarding them
The fan cutout available on the top allows you to fit an extra fan as per the needs

2. Solid Frame Wall Mount Racks are also available in numerous designs like 6U Solid Frame Wall Mount Rack, 9U Solid Frame Wall Mount Rack, 12U Solid Frame Wall Mount Rack, 15U Solid Frame Wall Mount Rack and18U Solid Frame Wall Mount Rack. The 18U rack is the most important amongst other and here we are going to discuss the features of this particular product.
Features of 18U Solid Frame Wall Mount Rack are as under:

At crystal image technologies you possibly can purchase this product for $609 whereas the actual market price is $685. When you purchase this product now you can save $128 and get your wall mount rack at $557 only.
It offers a 8U Solid frame design
It has a lockable, removable and simply accessible side panels
The external dimension of this product is 27 D X 23.75 X42.75 H whereas the inner dimension is 21.5 utilizable depth X 19 W X38.5 H
Consists of lockable front glass Doors
Offers 1 year warranty.
The fan cut out allows you to install fans as per your own requirement.

3. Open frame Wall Mount racks like other racks are also available in two designs reminiscent of 8U Open Frame wall Mount rack and12U Open Frame wall Mount rack.
Feature of the 12U Open Frame wall Mount rack are as follows:
You can save $22 if you happen to purchase this right now. Our price at crystal image technologies are $185 but as it’s on sale nowadays you may get it for just $177. The actual market prices for this rack is $199.
It has an adjustable width so you’ll be able to hold Rackmount monitors with the 19 as well as 24 with ease.
It could easily carry 250lb of weight
For managing the cable with ease side cut outs are available.

Now you only need to decide which wall mount rack will fit your requirements and once you actually plan to get it for you.

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